Fat & Fitness : It’s In Your DNA!

Fat and Fitness it’s in your DNA – lose weight and feel great with Body Wisdom Wellness

Ladies, do you want to improve your silhouette and reduce your dress size?  Men do you want to lose a few pounds and get back some stamina?  Well there’s a solution for you, it’s called body contouring by using ultrasound technology, which is what you will find at Body Wisdom Wellness in Smyrna, DE.

Body Wisdom Wellness
Body Wisdom Wellness

At Body Wisdom Wellness, they will target those fatty areas and can cater your treatment to suit your needs. Whether it’s stubborn belly fat for men or cellulite for women they can make it work for you. 

Although this body contouring aims to break down fatty cells, it is not a weight loss solution, it should be viewed as skin resurfacing and tightening.

I spoke with LA Graham, owner of Body Wisdom Wellness and an internationally known chemist and you can listen to the entire interview by clicking this link https://bit.ly/2VE2Wo9 

Podcast guest with LaDonna Graham
Click Link to Listen http://bit.ly/2TTQMWp

LA Graham known as “DNA Donna”  is becoming one of America’s leading voices on obesity and wellness.  She is a nationally recognized chemist, author, public speaker and alternative medicine advocate, best known for being a Holistic Health Practitioner catering to overweight or obese individuals suffering from some dysfunction in the body. Improving the health of individuals using natural techniques and therapies by gently removing the blockages allows the body’s natural healing abilities to kick in.  

In addition, she applies customization in health protocol by use of your very own DNA.  This aspect of genetic health can give a comprehensive overview of a person’s genetic markers. Through the course of Graham’s career, she has helped humanity lose over 50k pounds.  

She is inspired to help more by raising the bar to 1 million. Graham became dissatisfied with how the American population is continually becoming unhealthy through environmental toxicity exposure from food, water, air and soil.  She is convinced that true healing is promoted from the removal of toxic build up and the resolving of nutrient deficiencies.

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