Family & Friends -vs- Fans & Followers on Facebook

Family & Friends -vs- Fans & Followers on Facebook

Last week during our Livestream episode of “Coffee with Bloggers”, Lorena and I talked about the two groups on Facebook and how each of them differ when it comes to the support and promotion of our blogs.

Family and Friends on our personal page are different than Fans and Followers on our business page and unfortunately we get more support from strangers than from our own family – a topic I wrote about in 2014 on my first blog DeDivahDeals.

Although family and friends love us, they aren’t our biggest supporters when it comes to the promotion of our blogs which is why it’s vital to have a community or a tribe of other bloggers who will help to support and promote our posts.

It has always amazed me that family and friends will share content written by others however, not share my content with their friends and family, let alone make a comment. What’s so hard about pressing the “like” or “share” button when I post “NEW ON THE BLOG” content?

pressing the like key on Facebook

Joining Facebook groups or communities is an excellent way to get more eyes on your posts and with the demise of Google+ coming in April, now is a great time to start finding and joining them.

I am a member of a few blogging groups including “The Women of MidLife” “Northeast Bloggers”, “Black Bloggers Connect” and “BTL Between the Lines Women Bloggers Age 50 and Up”, however, I am looking to connect with others so please share if you are a member of one.

Check out last week’s episode of “Coffee with Bloggers” and let me know what you think, then tune in tomorrow at 10:00 am for more fun blogging topics.

4 thoughts on “Family & Friends -vs- Fans & Followers on Facebook

  1. As usual Antionette you are spot on! When family members ask what’s going on I say you should read my blog as at least 2 out 4 blogs I write are about me! Do they read? Of course not. If they do, do they comment or just click like? Of course not. My Facebook friends from groups are much more responsive. Glad I am not alone and glad I have these virtual groups of friends!

    1. Thank you my friend, it just amazes me that family and friends share other’s posts and articles, yet, I have never once had them subscribe to my blog or share the posts….interesting Mark 6

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