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In this episode of Out & About with Antionette podcast is an interview with Milliardaire Griffin, Entrepreneur and Representative for LegalShield.

Milliardaire sought out to become an entrepreneur and has been self employed now for almost 18 years, and stated that is has been a phenomenal journey. He’s succeeded as much as he’s failed; been up as much as he’s been down; struggled…cried and sacrificed. But he tells you that he’d rather do all those things for himself than for someone else.


Interview with Milliardaire Griffin


According to Milliardaire, “sometimes in business, you don’t know what you don’t know. And unfortunately, in my company, what I didn’t know, cost me a great deal, I incurred a lawsuit. And that’s where we typically tend to learn about the fine print and business and the things you don’t know when you go through things. And that’s the part that scares people, it’s going through that process. But when you have people around you that have already been there and can help you be proactive, then obviously, it’s a better outcome, because you can learn from others mistakes.”

Milliaradaire encourages entrepreneurs to understand that business is about our mindset. Our successful life is all about what we invest in ourselves. His mentor always asks, “what is your monthly budget to invest in yourself?”

We seem to invest in everything else, but how much do we really invest in ourselves. Sometimes we get so caught up in the theatrics of it all that we don’t sit back and continue to focus on the main source, which is us. And when we think about it, we take time for everything else in our life, we gotta take time to grow as we are the businesses, because that’s going to be a result of our income.

Milliardaire closed with these words of wisdom from his mentor, “your income is the equivalent of your thinking…if you think you should be a millionaire, you got to start thinking like a millionaire now before you track the money, whatever it is.”


The interview with Milliardaire was very insightful and informative and he offer an opportunity to connect with him via Zoom or in-person, so please reach out to him at 202-906-0545.

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