Beyond Charity author podcast interview

Podcast Interview with Dr. Deborah Gilbert White

“For all who experience homelessness, are formally homeless, or at risk of homelessness, and the many who advocate for our humanity, dignity, and housing as a human right”


Not only are these words written in the prologue of “Beyond Charity, a Sojourner’s Reflections on Homelessness, Advocacy, Empowerment and Hope” written by today’s guest, Dr. Deborah Gilbert White, they are also what she fights for every day!



DeBorah Gilbert White is a diversity, inclusion and equity specialist, social justice and community advocate for people experiencing homelessness, at risk of homelessness, or formerly homeless.  She is founder of HerStory Ensemble LLC, an awareness, education, and advocacy community-based group focused on women and homelessness.


DeBorah’s experience with shelter homelessness led to her advocacy work for homeless rights and housing justice.  She has been working in the community since 2012 toward a Delaware Bill of Rights for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness, and to dismantle stereotypes, myths, and misinformation about homelessness.  Her work continues today to eliminate discrimination based on housing status, to stop the criminalization of homelessness, and to promote more low-income and affordable housing.



In this episode of “Out & About with Antionette” I had an opportunity to interview Dr. Deborah Gilbert White, Author, Beyond Charity: A Sojourner’s Reflections on Homelessness, Advocacy, Empowerment and Hope.

Her book tour began at Mejah Bookstore and is now available at Barnes and Noble Bookstores and she recently had an opportunity to speak to 9th grade students in St. Louis.

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