HBCU Daily Grind Podcast with Antionette Blake

HBCU Daily GRND Podcast Interview

I was recently interviewed by Omar Muhammad, host of the HBCU Daily GRND Podcast.  The HBCU Daily GRND Podcast is a lifestyle podcast showcasing entrepreneurs who are excelling beyond the yard.

Needless to say, it was an awesome opportunity to not only talk about my HBCU alma mater, Delaware State University but to also share memories about my time as student when it was Delaware State College.

As the Recording Secretary for the National DSU Alumni Association, it also provided a platform to talk about what is happening today as well as a bit of advice to the current HBCU students.

The 4 quadrants that Omar asked that I share my memories of were:

H – Homecoming

B – Black Excellence

C – Clubs

U – Unity

I also shared how I felt regarding attending an HBCU and obtaining a college degree; it being more than receiving a piece of paper and why it’s more of a mindset that helps us with the giveback to others within our communities and around the world.

I talked a bit about my business, A. Blake Enterprises, this blog and of course my two podcasts, “Out & About with Antionette” and the “Delaware Blogger Podcast“.



Take a listen, then please share with others who may also be interested in sharing their experiences as a graduate of an HBCU.


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