Mophie Powerstation Plus XL Review


Mophie Powerstation Plus XL Review by the Delaware Blogger



As a Blogger who is always on the go, oftentimes attending all day events, so much so that when I walk into a room the first thing I look for is an electrical outlet, even in church on Sundays.

Sometimes the choir is on fire and I want to capture it all on Facebook Live, however, the last thing I want to happen is for my Smartphone to die before the end of the selection.  




When I was contacted by Verizon Wireless for a new product review, I immediately chose the Mophie Powerstation Plus XL and it definitely came in handy at The State of Our Union: Black Women and Girls in Delaware event at Delaware State University sponsored by NCBW100.




On an early Saturday morning, my girlfriend, Donna and I drove down to Dover for what turned out to be a very informative, educational and enlightening event.  We arrived late, however, was right on time to listen to the “Living Room Conversation” which featured several women speakers including our friends Nicolle Surrette and Taria Prichett and thanks to the Mophie Powerstation Plus XL, I was able to live stream Nicolle’s entire presentation and still have plenty of power left for a lot of pictures afterwards. 




We also arrived in plenty of time to hear the announced acknowledgement of my “big sis” Esther Rich, founder of Special Touch Card Creation, who was chosen this year’s New Castle County Chamber of Commerce Ambassador of the Year.





The mophie powerstation plus XL is an external battery with over 48 hours of power, easily connects to an Android or iOS Smartphone and it fully charged my phone in less than 2 hours.  


The Rose Gold and White Aluminum finish was nice and Donna really liked the color especially since she is a member of AKA Sorority and their colors are pink and green, however, it is also available in Space Gray.




The mophie powerstation plus XL is made for iPods, iPhones, iPads as well as all Android devices, cameras, headphones, gaming devices and Smart watches, with a suggested retail price is $99.99.


  • 12,000mAh portable battery with build-in switch-tip cable
  • Triple-tested battery ensures peak performance and safe operation
  • 2.1 amp output-charge smartphones or tablets
  • Slim easy-to-carry design and aluminum finish
  • The #1 and most trusted brand in portable power




Let’s Chat > How often does your Smartphone need recharging?




It was a great day to be with old friends and meet new ones.













Academic Excellence & Extracurricular Actitivites

After-school activities present opportunities for your children to develop their goal-setting skills. Most extracurricular activities involve reaching or achieving a goal, whether it be the lead actor in the school play, winning the state championship or coming in first place in the science fair. As a result, these activities help encourage students to work toward achieving those goals, while having fun at the same time.

Another benefit to after-school activities is academic excellence and we will talk about the 8 reasons to get your children involved and why it’s well worth the effort.


Special Guest, Mark Sills, Founder of Urban Youth, Inc.


My Podcast special guest was Mark Sills, founder of Urban Youth, Inc., which is celebrating its 20th year.  Mark is the son of former Wilmington Mayor, Jim Sills and is an alumnus of the H. Fletcher Brown Boys and Girls Club who has been working with our youth for many years with amazing results.  

Mark and his company, Urban Youth, Inc. have received many awards from the Wilmington City Council and local civic groups for their work with Wilmington youth, inclusive of helping many to get into college and receiving college academic and athletic scholarships.  

Listen to the interview with Mark Sills.



HBCU Homecomings are EPIC


Homecoming is a fall tradition of welcoming back former students and educators celebrating their college’s existence.   Attending your adult child’s homecoming weekend is usually a big deal, especially if your student is a freshman at your alma mater.  

However, you must remember that your adult children have been gone for 3 months, and it may be the first time you are reconnecting, but it’s on their home turf.  He or she is no longer your baby and there are practical rules to follow.  You can’t just roll onto the yard and treat them like they were still your children at home no matter how much you have contributed financially to their education.



Homecoming at HBCUs are absolutely epic and even more special. Although it certainly isn’t the most important part of your university experience, having a homecoming that everyone flocks to is amazing.   HBCUs compete to outdo each other with celebrity appearances, epic fashion shows, amazing concerts, step shows, and so much more.



On this Podcast, my special guests are members of the Delaware State University Forever Friends DSU Alumni association and the topic is HBCU Homecoming Happenings @ Delaware State University which kicks off on October 13, 2017.

Career Choices Made In Childhood



“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  


Who hasn’t asked or been asked that question at least once in their lifetime? Besides “an astronaut” or a “super hero” response, do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?


childhood career choices


I don’t know when or who planted the seed in my head about wanting to become a teacher, but for as long as I can remember I always wanted to be one. So after graduating from high school, I headed off to college where I received a BS Degree in Elementary Education from Delaware State College in 1983.  

I even had a job offer before the last semester to teach third grade at McIllvaine Elementary School in Camden-Wyoming, Delaware…however, I only taught for one year.


teacher and students in the 3rd grade


A few weeks ago, I read an article in the local paper about how most students spend their lives preparing for one thing: getting a job.  

Unemployment among college grads has been on the decline in the past decade, but finding a job or career within their major is another story.  Finding a job in the field of their degree is getting harder, no matter what it is.  

Click this link to read the entire article.  


It’s stressful and frustrating when you are searching for a job in your field and can’t find one, especially if it’s your childhood dream.

Reading this article started me thinking about my childhood career choice, would I have chosen a different major or what if anything would I have done differently during my years at Delaware State (College) University


Graduation Photo


My childhood dream was to teach school because I enjoyed giving lessons to my sister and reading to my cousins, I even stole books from the library so that I could create one at home.  I would have my sister and cousins sign out the library cards and everything – sorry William B. Ward Elementary School!


checking out a library book



elementary school pic

I lived my dream, but for only one short year, it wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy it because I loved teaching, it was the salary…$12,145 annually.  

Even back then, that wasn’t enough money to cover all of my expenses.  After paying rent on a two bedroom apartment that my sister and I shared and a car payment on a car that didn’t have air conditioning, I couldn’t afford to buy food and had to eat most meals at my grandmother’s house.


Delaware State University logo

Hubby and I had a conversation about our career choices and reasons for attending college, I even found my college transcripts.  Looking at those transcripts I realized that I had received one “D” and that it was given by a professor that both he and I had and the subject was Media.  Ironic huh….

This was a required class for students seeking a degree in Elementary Education.  Thinking back on it now, learning how to load a projector with a reel of tape wasn’t hard, it was just boring so I never learned how to properly do it…fast forward 34 years…does anyone even remember this?



projector on a cart


Anywho, after teaching for just one year, I left and moved back to New York where I was eventually hired by IBM and then subsequently laid off after 20 years.  I don’t regret this decision, but sometimes hubby reminds me that had I stayed in the field of education I would have probably been an administrator, retired and now be receiving a nice pension.  

However, I remind him that had I stayed, I would probably never have met and married him, nor had our two great sons or soon be heading back into a classroom to teach adults how to build a blog starting in September!   Woohoo!



I will admit that I have come full circle and like my college roommate and fellow blogger said, “that’s a sign of completion!”

Let’s Chat:  Did you grow up to be what you always wanted to be?



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The Demographic Revolution HBCU Tour


Whitney E. Johnson Foundation, Inc. Introduces The Demographic Revolution HBCU’s Kick Off Tour at Delaware State University


February 10 – 12, 2017. Roger Johnson Sr. Host/Alumni DSU, CEO of the Whitney E. Johnson Foundation, Inc. and All About Us Teen Talk TV-RADIO-MAGAZINE is hosting this two- day event covering the demographic change, implications of this change in the present. As well as formulating plans and actions to meet the needs of the minority youth who make up this new majority.

The Panel Featured speakers will include New York Times columnist Charles Blow, Former NFL Player Marques Ogden, United Nations Barrister-in-Law Ugoji Adams Eze., Esq., HRH Yomi Garnett, MD., Thabiti Boone, Former White House Champion For Fatherhood, Delaware State University Faculty members and Scholars.

New York, New York, January 9, 2017 – The Whitney E. Johnson Foundation, Inc. 501(c)(3) and The Lighthouse Education Foundation will represent a symposium on The Emergence of the New American Majority at Delaware State University on February 10 – 12, 2017. Roger Johnson Sr. Host/Alumni DSU, CEO of the Whitney E. Johnson Foundation, Inc. and All About Us Teen Talk TV-RADIO-MAGAZINE.

This two- day event covers demographic change, implications of this change and presents and formulates plans and actions to meet the needs of the minority youth who make up this new majority.

The Demographic Revolution panel discussion will encompass the works of:

Dr. William Frey, Senior Analyst of Brookings Institute and author of Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America, and the work of Mr. Steve Phillips, a Civil Rights Attorney, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress; and New York Times Best-selling Author of, Brown Is the New White. The panel discussion will be moderated by Dr. Marvin Thompson, Educator and CEO of the Lighthouse Education Foundation.

“The change in the makeup of the country is reflected in the demography of race and age. It may be the opportunity that America needs to move to issues affecting us all rather than the tribal environment in which we currently find ourselves. We cannot do that without looking into who we are becoming and embracing it.” -Dr. Marvin Thompson

Featured speakers include New York Times columnist Charles Blow, former NFL Player Marques Ogden, United Nations Barrister-in-Law Ugoji Adams Eze., Esq., HRH Yomi Garnett, MD., Thabiti Boone, Former White House Champion For Fatherhood. Delaware State University faculty members and scholars are also panelists.

For the full list of the symposium program/activities, please contact:
Tracie Anderson
Tel: 646-600-9446