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How Long Should a Podcast Show Be?

Are you still unsure how long a podcast episode should be?

Hello Muggy Monday!!! I don’t know what it’s like in your neck of the woods but it is HOT here in Delaware!!!

Thank goodness that I am indoors with air conditioning! If you too are trying to beat this almost-summer heat and have found a cool place to relax, pop in your earbuds or put on your headphones to listen to this weekend’s Delaware Blogger Podcast episode, Delaware Blogger Podcast

This has been such a frequently asked question, that I decided to address it again in this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast.

Once you have decided to start a podcast; you’ve chosen a title, topic and your description and you may even have your equipment and are ready to get into the closets to start recording.

The next biggest question that you may have before hitting the record button is, “how long should my podcast episode be?”  How long should I be talking….5 mins…15 mins…30 minutes or even 60 minutes?

Pre-COVID, when podcasting was becoming popular I was taught that it was best to record no more than 28-35 minutes which was a normal commute on a bus, train or in a car. However, now with most people working remotely that has changed…a normal commute is about 13 stairs!

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Most people’s commute is from the bedroom to the living room so the attention span got longer which is a good thing because we had so much more time on our hands with nothing to do, vegging out on Netflix became popular so much so that “Netflix and Chill” became a popular phrase.


I will be presenting “Creating a Binge Listening Podcast” at the PodKnow2021 Online Podcasting Conference on June 24th, here is the link if you need tickets.

Just like blogging, if you can say it in 50 words, why write 500 words?  Only you know your audience and if you think they would listen to a 60-minute podcast show, then create a 60-minute show, however, if their attention span is shorter, then perhaps you can break it up into mini episodes that they would be more willing to take in short binges.

Personally, I prefer shorter podcasts, and most of mine are never more than 20 minutes long, but that is because I know my audience and have seen the listening numbers rise, so make sure you do you boo boo as only you can do and you may just need to “hit it and quit it” and leave your audience wanting more each and every week – after all this is an intimate relationship that you are building so it might be worth the wait.

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Podcasts Helps to Build Your Brand

In 2021, people want more information, as a result, podcasters have benefited, whether it’s an informational, entertaining or inspirational show.

Podcasts are great for personal branding. It aids in your speaking and interview skills which can lead to speaking engagements and appearances on other podcasts.

Podcasts also help you grow in knowledge everything from learning more about blogging, SEO, and publishing to music making and dancing.

A podcast can help your brand stand out simply because there isn’t as much podcast content out there as competition.

When podcasters are more active on social media, people are more likely to follow along with the podcast and support the brand. This makes a podcast a perfect partner for social media engagement.

If you are interested in learning more about podcasting or are looking to start a podcast, send an email to me at [email protected] to schedule your 30-minute Complimentary Discovery Call or a 2-hour Mini Coaching Session for an investment of $99, you are worth it!

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1 thought on “How Long Should a Podcast Show Be?

  1. Great episode! I’ve seen podcasts that are pretty long during this time. Like really long. But, they usually start like a video and show all the visuals. Then, they migrate the episode to the podcast when it doesn’t need visuals anymore…so you have to listen to the end on the podcast. I think they get to nurture different audience types or lure their audience over to a different platform lol. It’s annoying as a listener. But if the content is good enough, it works lol!

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