I Am A Christian – This Is Why Podcast Interview with Author Kinite McCrea

I had the privilege of interviewing Kinite McCrae, an author, speaker, TV host, serial entrepreneur, licensed minister and philanthropist. She has received multiple awards for her endeavors, including the Community Servant Leader Award for Excellence in Philanthropy.

In 2018, Kinite released her much anticipated book, I am a Christian, This is Why: A Logical Response to the Skeptic.  On its first day, the book ranked No. 1 in three major categories on Amazon. Within the first week, her book received high praise and reviews for its thought-provoking views and evidence-based answers on Christianity.  In the book, Kinite shares her unique perspective as a young adult skeptical about organized religion to her intensive study of religion and logical answers.  

This book has laid the platform for the launching of her publishing company This Is Why, Inc. where she will equip new and seasoned authors to “Publish with a Purpose.” Today, Kinite continues to be vocal on her Christian faith and hosts a weekly online TV segment, This is Why Thursdays Talk and Teach.

Kinite credits God with giving her the tools to advance her mission of inspiring young people to release any limits on their life, including in finances and business.  From building her own accounting firm to launching the successful Metropolitan Suite Hair Salon. Kinite’s entrepreneurial passion motivates others to take action.  

She also serves as the founder and executive director of The ReachFar Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting underprivileged youth through local and international community service.  Other philanthropic and corporate positions include the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and global architecture engineering firm AECOM Design.

DelBlogger Podcast Guest Kinite McCrae

As a speaker and workshop facilitator, Kinite mixes high energy, humor and strong content tailored to the specific event to engage, empower and inspire both the audience as well as other speakers on the circuit.

She is a proud wife and mother who has raised eight children, including maternal, step and adopted.  Kinite has been married for 18 years and lives in Upper Marlboro, MD.

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