Interview with Wendy Battles founder of Reinvention Rebels

Illuminating, Celebrating, and Elevating Midlife Women on Reinvention Rebels

Reinvention knows no age limit – Wendy’s podcast, Reinvention Rebels, celebrates women between 50 and 90 who fearlessly reinvent their lives, proving it’s never too late to pursue dreams.

Elevating My Golden Women: A Discussion with Wendy Battles

In the latest episode of Out & About with Antionette, Wendy Battles discusses her fulfilling work with the Reinvention Rebels podcast. As a Cybersecurity Awareness expert at Yale University by day and a fervent supporter of celebrating, illuminating, and elevating midlife and older women by night, Wendy’s passion shines through in her energetic conversation with me.

Embracing the Power of Reinvention:

Wendy’s journey into the creation of Reinvention Rebels was a gradual evolution, rooted in her own quest for purpose and self-awareness. She articulates the significance of continuous self-discovery and the art of living with purpose, embracing life with more joy, ease, and trust. Her words resonate deeply with many who share similar aspirations, especially among women in midlife seeking inspiration and guidance for their own reinvention journeys.

Breaking the Mold of Age-Based Limitations:

During the interview, Wendy emphatically declares that age should never be a hindrance to personal growth and achievement. Her podcast serves as a platform for women between 50 and 90 who have boldly and unapologetically reinvented themselves, defying the limitations society often imposes on aging women. Through these remarkable stories, Wendy endeavors to disrupt limiting beliefs about the value of aging women in society, leaving a lasting impact on her audience.
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The Impact of Personal Connection:

In a world overwhelmed by virtual interactions and virtual meetings, Wendy and Antoinette revel in the sheer joy of meeting each other in person. Their palpable enthusiasm serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of human connection and the energy derived from engaging in personal interactions. With a smile in her voice, Wendy reflects on the simple pleasure of seeing someone in 3D after an era of predominantly two-dimensional encounters.

The Transformative Power of Women’s Stories:

Wendy presents the compelling narrative of Angel Cornelius, emphasizing her journey from creating products in her kitchen to founding a thriving business. Angel’s story epitomizes the spirit of reinvention, showcasing how women can transform their passions into meaningful accomplishments. Wendy’s podcast becomes a vessel for sharing stories like Angel’s, providing inspiration and encouragement to women hesitant about pursuing their dreams.

Recognizing the Light Within:

Wendy’s parting words resonate deeply, reminding women of their innate wisdom, bravery, and capability. Her affirmations highlight women’s exquisite nature, echoing a message of self-esteem and empowerment. She beautifully encapsulates the essence of personal radiance, encouraging others to recognize and appreciate the light within themselves and embrace the profound impact they can have on those around them.

The episode with Wendy Battles is a poignant testament to the power of female solidarity and the influence of shared experiences. Reinvention Rebels serves as a beacon of hope, instilling confidence and resilience in women navigating the complexities of midlife. Through celebrating and illuminating the stories of awe-inspiring women, Wendy not only elevates the status of aging women but also spreads a resounding message of purpose and fulfillment across age barriers.


Wendy’s podcast is a testament to the enriching tapestry of women’s wisdom and the ceaseless potential for reinvention at any stage of life.

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