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Disclosure Statement:  This is a sponsored post for which I am being compensated, however, opinions written are 100 % my own.​​​​​​​

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My family and I are so excited…why because we are members of ChristianaCare’s No Flu Crew!

That’s right …what do I mean…well if you don’t know what the ChristianaCare’s No Flu Crew is, let me tell you a story. Once upon a time not too long ago, I was extremely healthy, never got sick, nope not ever, not a sniffle, nor a sneeze, not a cough nor a cold, fever, nothing but early in February, that all changed.

You see, it actually all started in early 2019, when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes which then put me in the “pre-existing condition” category so in February 2020, when the flu bug hit home it invaded the entire Blake household.

First it was Malik, a recent college graduate who got sick then came home and gave it to me; and then it was Tayair, who was hit with a double whammy because he was diagnosed with pneumonia and the flu due to his long term lung disease, but fortunately for hubby he wasn’t affected as he had received a flu shot due his Colon Cancer diagnosis.

The flu really took a toll on me and the boys and it was then that I vowed to never again miss an opportunity to get a flu shot during the cold and flu season which is now!

So we did it… yes, me and the boys did it! We are now official members of the No Flu Crew” because we got our shot and so I am sharing the information and passing the baton on to you. Are you ready to get a flu shot or have you gotten a flu shot already?

If not, all you have to do is visit any of the local pharmacies or make an appointment to visit your primary care physician which is where my husband went for his flu shot a few weeks prior.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​If you haven’t done so, I am encouraging you to do so, join in and become a member of the No Flu Crew by getting a Flu Shot today.​​​​​​​

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This is the best way in which we can all stay safe while still socially distancing; masking up and washing our hands regularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Come on, you can do it and when you do, come back and let me know that you have joined us in becoming a member of the #NoFluCrew – and we’ll applaud you! Get your flu shot and tag #NoFluCrew on your Facebook and/or Instagram page to show your fight against the flu.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

This year now more so than ever a flu shot is especially important for people who are at high risk for getting health problems from the flu. This includes: babies over age 6 months, people 65 and older, pregnant women and people with other chronic health conditions.​​​​​​​

ChristianaCare encourages our community to get a flu shot to protect themselves and their loved ones. If we increase the percentage of people who receive their flu shot compared with previous years, we’ll all be safer.

To learn more head over to ChristianaCare’s Website​​​​​​​ then schedule a flu shot for you and your family!

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Disclaimer > This is a sponsored post for Christiana Care and I am not a medical expert, so please consult your primary care provider for your health care prior to taking any medication or injections.

36 thoughts on “Join ChristianaCare’s No Flu Crew

  1. In September, I was diagnosed with Essential Hypertension, so now I have a pre-existing condition as well. I never had the flu shot before, and don’t get sick, but may need to look into it to keep myself from ever catching the flu.

    1. Wow – aging is a blip – Yes sis, please stay healthy and I hope that you can avoid any other major medical conditions! The girls and the world needs you to stick around for a long long time! Happy Holidays!

  2. This is good encouragement for those who have been undecided about whether to get a flu shot or not. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Thank you Tina, even though I know not everyone will join the #noflucrew I did want my readers to know that it was a good decision for me and my family. Happy Holidays sis!

  3. With some pre-existing conditions myself, I have been much more diligent about getting a flu shot and the type they suggest for me. It’s EXTRA important to get a flu shot this year because of Covid-19. I’d much rather have a sore arm for a couple of days than the alternative!

  4. My husband and I both have pre-existing conditions. We got our flu shots at our doctor’s flu clinic a little over a week ago. I totally agree, it’s better to have a sore arm for a couple of days than the alternative. Flu shots are highly recommended for protection against the flu not just for yourself, but from you giving someone very special to you the flu also. So if everyone gets it, we will all be much more protected. Just think with wearing a mask, washing our hands, keeping socially distance and getting the flu shot all of us have a better chance of not getting the flu.

    1. Yes sis, you are correct, as someone who has pre-existing conditions we all need to try to do the best that we can in order to stay healthy and a sore arm, which we didn’t experience was better than that “hammer over the head” feel that we experienced in February. Wishing you and the family a blessed holiday season – stay healthy!

  5. I typically avoid the flu shot but with everything going on right now this will be the first year I’ll go running to get mine. Morgan and I typically avoid it but with Micah wounding in a restaurant now in a high traffic tourist part of town we want to make sure and stay well.

    1. Yes, I understand as this was the first flu shot I had gotten since 2005, and although I don’t like taking medicines and shots, I never want to feel that badly again. Wish you and the ladies and hubby a blessed holiday and happy new year!

  6. Dearest Sister.
    Although I am grateful that all of the family is well strong and covered. I have never in the best of times and the second worst of times (2020 has been the worst of times only 2nd to me loosing my Mother.) have never talken a flu shot and due to the pressure to get the COVID vaccine to market before proper testing is complete I really am concerned for taken anything into me that resembles a vaccine.

    I think the article is well written informative and transparent as it gives a snapshot of your strength and the love of family.

    If It was something other than a flu shot i would be encouraged to plug in.
    Trust and believe #NoFluCrew is a powerful position and you are a dynamic as well as dynamite blogger. Keep bringing the enjoyable interesting readings from your desk.

    1. Yes, bruh, trust and believe, this is definitely a personal decision, one that should not be taken lightly – I wish nothing but peace and blessings to you and your family this year and for many years to come! Have a blessed day my friend!

  7. Unfortunately, last year my husband was hit hard by the flu. This year, he joined the No Flu Crew!! I’m a happy wife!!

  8. I agree wholeheartedly! It’s so easy to get a flu shot and it will give you one less thing to worry about. I get mine every year!

  9. This is excellent information. You are so right, this year folks need to strongly consider getting a flu shot, including Me!

    1. Yes, these flu bugs and viruses are no joke – time to be and stay healthy so that we can all enjoy a long and prosperous life! God bless sis and Happy Holidays!

  10. I’ve been hesitant to get a flu shot as I don’t like how I feel immediately after. However I know it’s now more important than ever to do so. Thank you for the reminder. I’m in. I’ll be scheduling this soon. Thanks Sis!

  11. Up until two years ago I was a critic of the flu shot. However, after my son was born with respiratory problems it was heavily advised that everyone in the household get it. We did and admittedly over the last two years we have not gotten the flu nor have we had adverse reactions. For my family and I, we are happy and pleased to be members of the no flu crew:)

    1. Awesome – congratulations. Yes, as a mother of a son who had a lot of respiratory problems, I understand completely. I am glad that you did not have any adverse reactions to the shot. Saty safe and healthy this holiday season.

    1. Yes sis, if we don’t have our health – we don’t have anything. I am wishing you and the family a beautifully blessed holiday season and look forward to hearing more great podcast shows!

  12. I’ve been getting a flu shot for years. My husband had been adversely affected by the 1976 flu shot and wouldn’t get one for years, but he’s been getting shots in the past few years. We are both seniors and I am proud of my son, who wouldn’t get a flu shot – this year he did because he wanted to help keep us safe. . So all three of us are members of the Crew.

    1. Yes, I like you am very proud of our sons who also got the flu shot as they remembered their previous bout. I am glad you are all healthy and am wishing you a very safe and prosperous New Year!

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