Why images are important

Why Images are Important in a Blog

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In this episode of Blog Your Way to a Business Profit I talked about why images are important in a blog of which I had also previously written about.

There are many reasons why bloggers should always include images in their blog posts, as well as videos, memes, and infographics and in today’s podcast episode, I am sharing 9 of them.

Landscape images in a blog

1. Brighter and more visually appealing posts 

A picture is the best way to create a positive first impression about your post. You only get one chance to make a first impression especially if you are looking to grow and expand your audience.

2. Better structuring

When you use images in a blog post, it divides the text and makes the whole story more readable/scannable.  We don’t have a long attention span and no one wants to read paragraphs and paragraphs of text so you want to break up the text with images to make it more readable.

3. SEO ranking is higher

Blog posts with images rank better in search engines. The highest rankings are given to long posts with presentations, images, or videos. SEO benefit of images is higher when you add titles, tags with alt text to your images.

4. Visually longer posts

Some posts just don’t need a lot of words to convey a message, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Oftentimes not writing a long 300-500 word post can be a good thing especially if you are only using an image and a quote.  Sometimes, your readers deserve to relax and just browse through images instead of reading a long post of text. This also works when you lack the time or inspiration to write a long post.

5. Images make it easier to understand complex information

If you write about technical data or are trying to explain how new technology works, words are usually not enough, especially for non-tech-savvy readers. The brain may not fully comprehend the written text so adding an image or screenshots can be good options to help with comprehension.

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6. Stops the Scroll on Social Media

On average people are scrolling through their Smartphone and social media feeds about 150 times per day, so when users are scrolling through their timelines, very few will pay attention to posts without images. You want to stop the scroll on social media by adding an image or graphic to your post.  Give them a reason to click away from social media and head over to the blog to read the post.  Posts with images receive nearly 35% higher engagement than those without images.

Blog banner with a laptop

7. Blogging for Bucks

If you are an Affiliate Marketer or are selling products and services on your blog, then your customers need to see images of the products and services that you are promoting.

8. Create More Memories

Let’s say, you’ve just returned from an amazing holiday or family or girl’s trip and want to write a blog post about your journey. Nothing can better show the true beauty of that adventure better than with images. You can write a description of your trip in full detail, but readers will definitely remember it more if you add some fascinating photos. It will make your stories much more memorable not only for them but for yourself as well.

9. More professional looking posts

In time as you grow better with your blogging readers will come to see how  you’ve combined text with graphics, and it shows how much you care about delivering content of value. When you create custom graphics, illustrations, infographics, or diagrams, they will really appreciate your efforts and understand that you are taking this seriously.

Your posts look more professional and you are getting closer to turning your blog into profitable brand.

So if you are looking for sites to get Copyright and Royalty-Free photos, check out my blog post FREE Fotos – the link is in the show notes.  Canva is my go to creating blog banners and graphics and with the paid version you can get some amazing photos.

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  1. Great Content!! I always prefer blog posts with pictures, sometime the photos tell the story. Happy Holidays my Dear. . .

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