Kindness is Free – Interview with Herbert “Flight Time” Lang

Herbert “Flight Time” Lang was a recent guest on “Out & About with Antionette” calling in from sunny California.  Herbert retired from the Harlem Globetrotters in 2018, and had participated in 3 seasons of The Amazing Race

Herbert has also traveled to over 90 countries around the world playing a major part in making it a better place with his, “Kindness is Free” campaign and has encountered so many people who showed him nothing but kindness.

Podcast interview with Herbert Flight Time Lang
Hebert and I first met in April at TEDxWilmington, where I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing him right after he exited the stage.  That was a great interview, but it was geared more towards his TEDx talk, but this interview was more about the “Kindness is Free” Campaign.

As a basketball player with the Harlem Globetrotters; he has passed the ball to so many, from The Pope to President Obama but he hadn’t always wanted to play basketball as a student.

Call – Check – Care


Herbert’s grandparents and great-grandparents brought him up in the church and those Sunday services and tent revivals set him on his path of kindness.  He learned how to be compassionate from them.  Learned the value of life and kindness at a young age.  It was an era of calling, checking and caring for others physically; but in today’s world we have social media and can do the same. Unfortunately, many choose to share negative news which is not healthy.  Sending messages of encouragement and love is something Herbert does on a daily basis.


Herbert Lang and Antionette Blake


Kindness is Free is a way of life and we shouldn’t let external factors complicate things, what we need is free…air…water and kindness is free; as a matter of fact, his high school basketball scholarship came from kindness.  A friend who attended a college told the coaches about him.

Not having any interest in basketball, as he was comfortably working as a personal trainer for $7/hr., he got the opportunity to try out for the Harlem Globetrotter from the encouragement and kindness from his friend Alan.

Herbert encourages us all to get a passport and travel the world and not to live in negativity.  And while you are traveling, pick up a copy of his book, Projects Popes and Presidents: An Inspirational Journey That Shows How You Can Overcome Life’s Obstacles and Achieve Your Dreams which was written after his Globetrotter career ended and he uses it when speaking at schools and other arenas.

Herbert Lang's Book

He loves speaking at school assemblies and travels extensively throughout the year and provides “Kindness is Free” awards which are very well received by the teachers and students.

A wonderful podcast guest and wonderful man, check out his TEDx Talk when you get a chance and always remember

kindness is free

Kindness is Free – Give it Away with Abundance

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