podcast places and spaces

Podcasting Places and Spaces

In this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I share 5 tips for podcasting places and spaces which will help your show’s audio sound great.

If you are not able to record your podcast in a studio such as Blake’s Booth Podcasting Studio, then these tips should help you record a good sounding show from the comfort of your own home.

podcasting places

  1. QuietChoose a location that doesn’t have a lot of noise.  Turn off any appliances, fans and air conditioning units, let people in the house know you will be recording and close the windows and blinds to cut down on outside noises.  Don’t forget to put your phone on DND.
  2. Carpet—If you are in a room that is not carpeted or has hardwood floors, you can cover the floor with a throw rug or a moving blanket or comforter to absorb the sounds.
  3. Furniture— Soft furniture absorbs and diffuses sound, so sofas and couches or cushioned chairs with pillows can absorb the sound.  If you have a bookcase filled with lots of books this also works.  Even sitting in a walk-in closet that is filled with clothes makes a great location with good acoustics when recording!
  4. Acoustic treatment—To get the best results, acoustic foam panels or tiles can help.  There is also a portable recording isolation booth that you can use and can also be taken to other sites if you will be recording on location.
  5. Time of Day—Choosing the right time of day to record is important because it can reduce a lot of sound problems. Choose a day and time with the least amount of noise and when you will be least interrupted.  I record my interviews on Tuesdays because Mondays are the days that the landscapers are mowing outside my window!

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