The Importance of Time

Disclosure:  This is a Konifer Wooden Watch Review by the Delaware Blogger.  I was provided with the Konifer Wooden Watch in order to facilitate this review, however, all opinions are 100% my own.  Thank you for supporting the blog and the brands that I love!


We have all heard these phrases – “time is precious”  – “don’t waste time” – “spend time with your loved ones” and of course, “what time is it?”


But do we ever think about the timepieces that we wear?


How many watches do you own?  Do you have a jewelry box filled with different styles and colors or do you no longer wear a watch and simply rely on your Smartphone or iPhone?


I love watches and have several but just like shoes, you can’t have too many which is why I like this particular Konifer Wooden Watch because it can be worn with many outfits and not just with jeans or sportswear as evidenced here.



Konifer Wooden Watch Review by the Delaware Blogger


This particular model, the Navigator Ruby is a stylish watch that can do more than tell time. I like the two tone color and even with the outfit that I was wearing to the Cocktails and Comedy Show, it actually enhanced the look.


Konifer Wooden Watch Review by the Delaware Blogger


I love this red and black two-toned Navigator Ruby timepiece. This distinctive wooden watch is 100% hand-crafted from black ebony and sandalwood and the deep rich brown and brilliant ruby-red woods compliment each other.

Hubby and I were looking good as we headed out for the evening, and spending time with him makes my heart sing.

date night with hubby

The woodwork of the Konifer Wooden Watched assures that no two watches are alike, with each timepiece having unique features of the tree it was cut from. The face of the watch is accented with metallic accents and displays the time and date. 

A sporty compass dial offers an athletic accent and a non-toxic satin oil finish helps to protect the ecologically friendly, renewable and hypoallergenic woods. This wooden watch is made for sport but distinguished enough for professional or casual wear.


Let’s Chat:  Do you wear different styles of watches?



  • Natural wood is hypoallergenic, making this watch an excellent choice for sensitive skin
  • Fully adjustable band is 8 ¾”, or 222mm long
  • Watch face is 2”, or 50mm, and width is 1”, or 24mm
  • Weighs a light, approximate 45 grams
  • Designed in Canada



Length of strap: 8 3¾″ (222mm) adjustable to the size of your wrist
Dial diameter: 2″ (50mm)
Width of strap: 1″ (24mm) 


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11 thoughts on “The Importance of Time

  1. Very nice! I’m not much into jewelry but I make up for it with my obsession with watches! ? And – I don’t own a wooden watch…yet! ?

    Sharing this link with my sons who can spend weeks asking me what I want for birthdays/Mother’s Day/Christmas! Thanks!

  2. Glad to see you blogging and taking charge as a female entrepreneur striving for excellence in the state of Delaware. Keep up the good work in your blogging efforts! 🙂

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        Glad to see a sista in Delaware blogging away! 🙂

  3. Oh, I’ve never heard of this brand of wood watches. I thing wooden watches are so classy. Especially for the guy in your life.

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