Lefty the Greatest podcast interview

Lefty the Greatest is Uplifting Her Audience with Her Songs and Good Vibes

Lefty the Greatest was a recent guest on my podcast, and she is known here in Delaware for her positive speaking in between songs. She has a way of lifting the audience’s spirits and drawing them into her performance. Most of her songs have an uplifting vibe and she also does not curse in her music. This makes it so she can perform anywhere, even family friendly places.

Lefty the Greatest is also known as the Multidimensional Artist, who uses her music and other art forms to express what she went through and to relate to others. She has been writing songs since she was 9 years old. She started performing at age 17 and she hasn’t stopped since. 

To her, THIS IS MORE THAN MUSIC. Her type of music uplifts people’s spirits.  

Lefty the Greatest hopes to continuously spread good vibes through music. She had always wanted to be a rapper so much so that her family encouraged her by purchasing her a keyboard and karaoke machine.

Growing up, her musical idol was Lauren Hill and she was excited to have had an opportunity to sing with Jekalyn Carr in Chester, PA.

Lefty the Greatest recently released her album, “Feminine Awakening” which is an empowerment for women. When I asked why she is called, “Lefty the Greatest” she gave a fun and inspiring answer, check out the interview to hear it.

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