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Make Moves For Success During the Quarantine

Videos from entrepreneurs who are sharing tips and information that can help you make moves for business success

Today’s blog post was inspired by my friends over at Move with Mack who provided their readers with resources to help them make moves for success during the quarantine.

Making Moves With YouTube Videos

The following are short YouTube videos created by friends and fellow business owners who are sharing their tips as well as contact information that may be a useful resource to assist in the success of your business during the COVID-19 quarantine.

“It’s not what’s happening to you, it’s what’s happening around you!”

Shawna Johnson is the owner of “Speak and Get Paid” as well as my Sorority sister who has helped me stay focused during this time.

Pamela Vines, owner of Troop Public Relations, creates compelling videos, social, and personal strategies for political candidates who are ready to transform their communities.

Cathy E Smith is the owner C2 Internet Marketing Strategies and her video provides three key features to keep your audience engaged in your webinar or presentation as most of us are now working from home.

I hope these videos provided you with some useful information as you pivot your business during this time and if you are looking for podcasting and blogging tips, please head over to my YouTube Channel!

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