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Live Better: Reducing the Daily Grind

DISCLOSURE:  This is a guest article written by Sharon Wagner

If your life feels like one long grind, you have a higher likelihood of dealing with burnout and excess stress. To live a more fulfilling life, you have to learn how to take care of yourself and how to break out of the grind. Today, Antionette Blake has some tips and resources to help you get started.

Make Time for Self-Care


Self Care Time


Self-care benefits your body and mind. If you want to overcome the daily grind and improve your health and wellness, you have to take time for yourself. Self-care gives you the tools necessary to deal with stress and may include meditation and mindfulness. Physical self-care includes getting enough sleep every night, eating healthy meals, and exercising regularly. To care for your mind, occupy yourself with mentally stimulating activities. For instance, use puzzle games to keep your mind sharp. When you care for yourself, you reduce the risk of burnout.


To create a self-care plan, begin with analyzing your specific needs. Think about the stressors in your life and how they contribute to your overall outlook. Try to determine what would make you feel better or what could alleviate your stress. Exercise is a form of self-care. Create a workout schedule based on your specific needs.


Start Working for Yourself




If you want to escape the grind and have more job satisfaction, consider starting your own business. When your startup succeeds, it becomes a source of pride. In addition, you have the power to follow any mission and to input any value into your company. To ensure business success, write a detailed plan. Your business plan should include your company’s objective, what you plan to sell, where you expect funding to come from, and the market research you complete.


Consider forming a limited liability company or an LLC. An LLC has tax benefits, less paperwork, and more flexibility than other business structures. If you want to save money, avoid the lawyer fees and file yourself or use a formation service. Be careful with the regulations around forming LLCs; every state has different rules, so check LLC requirements before you go ahead with your plan.


While working for yourself can help you escape the daily grind, you still have to take care of your mental health. According to research, about 70% of entrepreneurs experience negative effects related to their mental health. The first rule of owning your business is to never wrap your self-worth up in the company. The successes and failures of a company do not represent you. Hire help so you can focus on the important tasks and still have time for yourself.


You can also reduce the stress of running a business by making sure you have the mental tools and information you need to get the job done. These days, it’s much easier to earn your most useful business degrees online, learning from home at your own pace. Best of all, online learning doesn’t require you to take a great deal of time off work, away from your family, to help prepare yourself for the competitive business world.


Find Ways To Spice up Your Life


friends laughing


Believe it or not, self-care does not have to break the bank. If you spend more time working than socializing, go out of your way to spend time with friends and family. People who have an active social life reduce their chances of dementia and lower their blood pressure. Hang out with your friends as a way to discover new hobbies. Look at what your friends and family members enjoy to discover new interests. Think about your values. For instance, if you love animals, consider hobbies that involve helping pets.


You do not have to live your life stuck in the cycle of hustling. When you care for yourself, you have more coping skills to deal with the daily grind. Consider starting a new business or finding new hobbies to occupy your time with.


Antionette Blake works with business owners and organizations on strategies to help them broaden their brand and expand their exposure online. Feel free to check out this podcast!

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