Robert Gatewood, Marketing Pulpit host

If you missed the live DelBlogger Podcast interview with Robert Gatewood, then you missed out on some great advice and tips on ways in which to market your business.

However, you can catch the replay here.

Robert Gatewood
Robert Gatewood, President of Gatewood Marketing

Who is Robert Gatewood

Before starting his own company, Robert Gatewood worked in corporate America for over 20 years. He received his first business management position at Grand Union Supermarkets where he became a regional grocery buyer at the age of 22.

Robert was part of the start-up team that launched Tele-Grocery, one of the 1sthome-delivery and online supermarkets in the country. In six years he rose to the rank of president.

Gatewood served as Sr. VP of Marketing at Diet-to-Go where he created the company’s slogan and built the company’s first e-commerce website. He also served as a workforce consultant for the National Urban League.

Gatewood is currently president of Gatewood Marketing, a full-service advertising, marketing and web agency. In this capacity he helps businesses and individuals develop, grow and succeed. He also produces and hosts the Marketing Pulpit Radio Show, which broadcasts each Friday at 10:30am on Radio-One’s 95.9FM and 1450 WOL-AM.

Gatewood is an adjunct professor at Prince George’s Community College where he lectures on marketing, workforce development, website strategy, and social media marketing.

DelBlogger Podcast interview with Robert Gatewood

If you want to hear some great stories on how Robert went from being a “clock puncher” to the President of his own Marketing firm, then click this link to listen in and then share it with a friend…by the way the story is long but it won’t be boring!

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