We all know the importance of eating right, getting enough sleep and of course the power of prayer, but how many of us actually take time to slow down and unwind to relieve stress via mindful meditation?

Since my diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes I have been more cognizant of how I react to stress, I want to stay healthy both physically and mentally. However, stress for most of us have become the norm but we must not allow it to take over our entire being.

Mindfulness meditation is a powerful and ancient meditation technique that is proven to help reduce stress, alleviate anxiety and depression, and even help with pain and illness.

By simply re-training your mind to become calm in the moment, mindfulness meditation can change the structure of your brain by creating long-lasting changes and positive, healthy habits.

How do you start your day?

Power of Prayer
How Do You Start Your Day?

Mindful Meditation is powerful yet it doesn’t require a lot of training…it is free and easy to do and the only requires sitting still for 10-30 minutes every day.

Mindful meditation can be done by anyone, no matter your age or physical ability, and it has been scientifically proven to give you many health benefits.

We constantly feel like there is not enough hours in the day, so much is going on and we are on information overload, which is more of a reason as to why we need to stop, shut down and meditate.

Our Smartphones has made information easy and accessible with one swipe so we are constantly carrying our distractions with us, and slowly but surely we are getting used to not being fully present in the moment.

Since I have begun wearing this FitBit Versa from Verizon, I have been able to not only track my steps, but with the built in Relax app, I can take a break in between blog posts and creating client content for some mindful meditation and deep breathing.

Fitbit Versa

Long-term stress is linked to a variety of illness, just think about it, when your emotional life isn’t healthy, your body responds. Decreased immune systems can increase risk for viruses and infections, asthma, diabetes, obesity, ulcers, digestive disorders, heart disease, migraines, autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even cancer all of which have been linked to stress.

So mindfulness meditation can prevent and alleviate the symptoms of and even cure many diseases and illnesses. These are just some of the ways mindfulness meditation can improve your health:

  • Help you lose weight
  • Prevent illness
  • Keep you healthy after cancer
  • Improve heart health
  • Cure insomnia

Let’s Chat > Do you practice mindful meditation?

If you don’t know how to get started with mindful meditation, here is a great article and if you have tips to share, please leave them in the comments – SHARING IS CARING!


2 thoughts on “Mindful Meditation Relieves Stress

  1. I admit I’m lacking in the sleep cardio area and not eating right. Put on a few more pounds and always tired. I know I have to tighten up my game. With so much I’m dealing with now, I hope it won’t always be like this so I can get back in the gym.

    1. I am not a deep sleeper and don’t like going to bed before midnight, but then I always feel drained in the morning. Now with the weather change, I hope to get outside to walk more often as it’s better than being in the basement on the treadmill.

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