Social Media with “Resource Rita” a Podcast Interview with Cathy E. Smith

Social Media with “Resource Rita” a Podcast Interview with Cathy E. Smith

Yesterday on the DelBlogger Podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing Cathy E. Smith, the Chief Online Marketing Strategist of C2 Internet Marketing Strategies, LLC who has over 10+ years of experience in online marketing and ecommerce. She served as host of  The P.R.I.M.E. Show (PR and Internet Marketing for Entrepreneurs Show) a weekly internet radio/podcast show designed with the business owner in mind for four years (2013-2017).

Cathy is the author of  “Turn Your Passion Into Profits: Free and Low Cost Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs”  which provides information to assist small business owners in developing their online presence on a small budget. She has also been featured in the business directory, “Careers from the Kitchen Table, 4th Edition” along with Alex Mandossian, Cookie Johnson, Dr. J.B. Hill and many others.

Cathy E Smith -aka- Resource Rita
Cathy E Smith -aka- Resource Rita

I first met Cathy at the Elite Conversations Business Conference hosted by last week’s guest, Darrell Spears, and she presented social media tips for business owners, several of which has since helped me with my numbers.

Cathy E Smith and Antionette Blake at Elite Conversations Business Conference
Meeting Cathy for the first time at Elite Conversations Business Conference

Her presence is strongest on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Pinterest. She may also be found on Instagram and her website

In 2011, she decided to focus strongly on internet marketing with an emphasis on social media. Within 60 days, she quadrupled the number of Twitter followers and all followers were obtained organically (no followers were purchased).

Cathy strongly believes that internet marketing is an essential tool for today’s entrepreneur. You can’t have a successful business without leaving an online imprint. Her business continues to expand with online connections both nationally and internationally.

DelBlogger Podcast interview with Cathy E. Smith

On Monday, April 29th, Cathy and I will partner up with a “5-Day Challenge of Social Media Marketing for Introverts” so make sure to stay tuned for that!

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