Mud Mask & Moscato – Friday’s Daycation

Whew, the youngest one is back in college, now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the extra money that I’ll have in the food budget!  Don’t get me wrong, last week my heart felt the pain of the moms posting about sending their kids off to college for the first time…I remember those days as it was just a few short years ago that I too was going through the same thing.  


Now, hubby and I do a rolling stop, we load our son and his stuff into a rented mini van, drive him to Bowie State University in Maryland, unload his stuff, push him and his things out then hit the road before the beach traffic gets too bad and we head back home to Delaware.


There are no more long, lingering lunches at the local Chipotle, ending with crocodile tears and nose blowing. Nope, we just rock and roll and I can’t wait to get home to clean his room, strip the sheets then spend the next few hours on “Daycation”.





This year, my Daycation consisted of a Mud Mask to clean out the pores after a long summer of grilled foods and summer sun while sitting poolside.  Do you remember this YouTube Video, where I talked about purchasing two boxes of Global Beauty Care Wash-Off Mask at the Christmas Tree Shops?


By the way, this is not a sponsored post, therefore, whether or not you make a purchase, I’ll get no credit.


After removing my makeup and wrapping my hair, I applied a generous amount of the wash off mask over my entire face and neck making sure to avoid my eyes and lips.  I loved that unlike other masks, this one didn’t harden making it difficult to speak let alone take a sip of my Moscato!


daycation pampering



cleaning out the pores

While waiting for it to dry, I relaxed with a copy of the Delaware Today Magazine, of which I am featured on page 46 as one of the 33 Most Intriguing People and read for 15 minutes.


The Delaware Blogger in Delaware Today Magazine


Thanks to an alarm reminder from Alexa after the 15 minutes I gently rinsed off the mask with water, patting my face dry with a soft towel.  Finished my glass of Liberty Creek Pink Moscato, poured another then drifted off for a short nap.


how to pamper yourself


Welcome to the weekend!


Daycation ideas

Let’s Chat:  How would you spend a Daycation?


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13 thoughts on “Mud Mask & Moscato – Friday’s Daycation

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  2. Yep, remember the long, lingering lunches (and nose-blowing tears)…fast forward to the rolling stops. Now I just have to keep a food stash (like twenty pounds of chicken wings) for when they descend upon us for the weekend! LOL!

    Tell me that is not Liberty Creek wine! Pink Moscato is number two for me, I’m a Sweet Red fan! (And it’s the only red wine I can drink without getting a headache. Costs and brands make no difference)

    Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Gurl, I knew there were other reasons why I liked you. I have been drinking Liberty Creek Wines for years and gave up the Sweet Red because of the calories, but I love the Pink Moscato.

  3. I’ve been going through all the tears with Lauren going to middle school. I just hate the fact she, as well as Michelle is getting older. Soon, like your son sis, they’ll be off to college.

    My daycation consists of watching my favorite shows, and pampering myself too.

    Sounds like this mask is awesome! I like the fact it doesn’t dry all hard that you can’t speak.


    1. Gurl, it never gets better, I lied, because although I didn’t shed croc tears I did shed tiny tears and still do every time I talk to him. I remember when people would say, “oh, they grow up so fast” and all I wanted was them to start feeding themselves, sleeping through the night, walking, talking, whatever and now they are walking out of my life into their own…. *tears

      Oh and trust me, I had my straw ready in case this mask hardened on my face!

      Good luck with the girls this year.

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