Random Acts Of Kindness

There is so much angst and anxiety in today’s world that I truly believe that if we all took a little time each day or even once a week to perform a random act of kindness that it would make the world a much better place.


These acts don’t have to be over the top gestures or even expensive because oftentimes just greeting someone in peace and respect is more than enough.   For example, last weekend hubby and I drove down to the local Goodwill to make a donation.


Goodwill VIP Tshirt


From the looks on the faces of the two young men, who obviously had been working hard in the heat, it seemed as though they just needed someone to make them smile. 

Of course me, a card carrying Goodwill VIP member and regular donor I know their employees are always busy in the back and on the floor so I always greet them with respect and ask how their day is going. 


Hubby too greeted them with respect as they should be, and the smiles on their faces made them forget about the heat temporarily and probably some of the disrespect that they are often subjected to. 

Check out this infographic that Diver Chevrolet sent me to share then leave a comment as to what little random acts of kindness will you be doing this week.

Random Acts of Kindness

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  1. Random acts of kindness also include starting a GoFundMe.com page for someone else and promoting it on blogs, social networks, and websites to raise money for them. Raising money through a Go Fund Me page can help someone else pay medical bills, college tuition, get necessary funds they need to start a business or help fund existing business operating costs, etc.

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