Out & About with Antionette an Interview with Author & Publisher Kinite McCrae

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Today’s podcast interview is with Kinite McCrae, Visionary and Founder of This is Why, Inc.

Author Kinite McCrea
Author Kinite McCrea

Kinite McCrae, the visionary and founder of This is Why, Inc. which includes  T.I.Why Pub – a ministry of publishing and T.I.Why Money, Marketing & Management (3M) – formerly Maxim Accounting & Business Solutions, LLC which is a full service managing authority that provides businesses with the essential financial, marketing and management tools needed to start, soar, sustain and succeed. Her 3M clientele boasts of several multi-millionaire business owners.

She is an author, speaker, TV host, serial entrepreneur, licensed minister and philanthropist. She has received multiple awards for her endeavors, including the Community Servant Leader Award for Excellence in Philanthropy and the Women Who Impact Humanity Award.

Kinite McCrea, author of I Am a Christian, This is Why. Have you ever wondered if there is any proof for God outside the Bible? Have you ever questioned the authenticity of the Bible? Does a concept like the Trinity confuse you? Get simple and logical answers to questions like these and MORE in I Am a Christian, This is Why.

Kinite recently created a Money Matters Master Course which is a Proven Path to Prosper in Your Purpose. For those entrepreneurs who are serious about starting business the RIGHT WAY or growing a business to the NEXT LEVEL and MOST IMPORTANTLY being a FULL TIME ENTREPRENEUR can enroll in this 3-month POWER PACKED course that will provide the tools you need to start, soar and succeed in business!


Money Matters Master Course

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For more information about author Kinite McCrea, please visit her website and make sure to check out her weekly TV show on the WGBR Network.

Out & About Interview with Author Kinite McCrea

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