Out & About with Antionette and Donald Morton, Founder of the ReManned Project

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Today’s Delaware Blogger Podcast interview is with Donald Morton

Donald Morton

Donald Morton, Leader and Founder of the ReManned Project. The ReManned Projects Purpose is to improve the quality of life of individuals, families and societies through accurately reconstructing authentic manhood.   

Donald started the ReManned Project after a personal journey that left him and loved ones humiliated and disappointed. “I reneged on a personal vow and the outcome was painful for those I care about. I was not the man I should have been, could have been. It was time to change.”

He is a celebrated pastor, gifted spiritual leader, husband to Tiffany Morton and dad to six children Amber, Kyshaad, Hunter, Semaj, Briye and De’lon. In 2016 Black Enterprise honored him as “BE Modern Man”.

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Click this LINK to listen to the podcast interview to learn more about why there was “no character behind his gift” earlier in his life.

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