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How to Use Video to Deliver Your Message

I recently had an opportunity to interview Chris Weiher on Out & About with Antionette podcast and it was a very informative show about the importance of using video as a marketing tool and How to Use Video to Deliver Your Message.

Chris Weiher, is the CEO and Founder of Cleaver Creative who enjoys working with B2B Clients. He and I talked about how videos can not only enhance and personalize a business or brand, but why it is a very effective tools especially when used on LinkedIn.

You can listen to the entire episode to hear why you should be consistent with your content, why it’s not necessary to purchase expensive equipment to video and why it’s uber important to be authentic in your messaging.


● You should have a video strategy and be consistent
● Videos should focus more on message as opposed to aesthetics
● Work with what you have – no need to buy expensive camera
● Be authentic in your style
● Share your passion when sharing info about the business

“We grow startups and mid-size businesses into massive brands using video. Video Works! Turn Viewers into Buyers”

Head over to Chris’s LinkedIn page to learn more about CLEAVER Creative and how they can help you with your video marketing needs as well as the video that he created in promotion of his podcast interview.

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