Out & About with Antionette Interview with Kiera Smale

Firewalk Your Way to Success with Kiera Smale

On Episode #28 of the “Out & About with Antionette” podcast, I interviewed Kiera Smale, Delaware’s #1 Life and Business Coach as well as the owner of Ignite Leadership 360. Kiera is a busy mom of 5 and Mike, her spouse, is also a business partner as well as the marketing and design guru. She enjoys working with him because he compliments her, but sometimes needs to be reminded that she is a wife first and a coach second.

Kiera walks the walk and talks the talk as she prioritizes her role as a wife and mother. After spending 20 years in therapy with little to no results she became a coaching client and in only 6 months she found results, wich is why she decided to become a coach herself for self improvement.

Kiera launched Ignite Leadership 360 after working 10 years with another Delaware company and she turned her trauma into helping others. You should listen to the entire episode to hear more about her coaching skill sets and why you may or may not need a coach!

Kiera also conducts Firewalks, which I have expressed an interest in, however, just haven’t attended an event. Firewalking is actually “coal walking” but it’s not the fire it’s what the fire represents.   According you Kiera, “you want to eliminate anything that holds you back. It’s just a metaphor because everyone has a firewall in their life which can be any crisis, family drama, career change or education decision.”

Firewalk represents the things that hold you back or challenges you and how you deal with them.


If you wish to book a Complimentary Coaching session with Kiera head over to www.topdelawarelifecoach.com or check her social media platforms or send an email to [email protected]

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