Podcasting During the Protesting

Why we need more black podcasters during this time of civil unrest and protests

Podcasting During the Protesting

During this time there is a lot of civil unrest – chaos, uncertainty, protesting in the streets, looting and fear!  Also, during this time there is a common question being asked by many podcasters especially those who are not black or brown, they are asking, “should I continue with my podcast?”

I don’t know about you, but my answer is, “yes”, but more importantly, I think this is the time for more black and brown podcasters! 


Well let’s think about this, during the Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s,  there were radio stations that we could listen to in order to stay connected and remain calm, listening to for the latest rally locations and daily news, however, today that is no longer the case. 

Back then, radio hosts and DJs were just as important as ministers and politicians when it came to mobilizing support.  Not only did they encourage black pride and purpose, they also passed along strategies on how to combat racial discrimination, ways in which to defeat police roadblocks and counter the misinformation from segregated media outlets.

Black owned radio stations

Not only don’t we have many (or any) of those black owned radio stations anymore, but we have very few black podcast shows dedicated to the cause, so this is a great time to begin them.  Add to the fact that there is a decline in radio listening and an explosion of social media, this is a perfect opportunity to be podcasting during the protesting.

A podcast will allow you to share your stories, provide information and  lend a voice to those looking for leadership and answers because we know we aren’t getting anything from the White House.

podcasting during the protesting

Starting a podcast during the protesting is a great opportunity for many folks of all ages and generations to voice their opinions and share their visions and missions with one another.  Boomers and Beyond can share with millennials and below on how civil unrest was and how it should be handled going forward.

These podcasts can become catalysts for change and it’s convenient enough so that they can be shared with a multitude of others who feel the same way.

I have been promoting the power of podcasting for several months now; writing articles on my blog, providing daily tips on my YouTube Channel, conducting workshops and coaching sessions as well as talking about them on the Delaware Blogger Podcasts so today, I continue to encourage each of you to to start a podcast especially during the protesting!

I want to know what you think, please leave a comment and share with your circle.

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