Podcasting Prep Pointers Before Pushing Record

Podcasting Pointers Episode #58

Podcasting Pointers – What to do before pressing the record button

On the Podcasting Pointers Episode #58 on YouTube, I am sharing a few tips that you need before you press record.

Podcasting Prep Pointers Before Pushing Record

Preparation for a podcast is key so before you hit that red record button, make sure you’ve checked your recording setup.  You don’t want anything to impact your audio negatively, so here are a tips to remember

student podcaster
  • Is your microphone positioned correctly?

Depending on the type of mic you are using, however, typically you want to be 2-3 inches from the mic and talking past it.  Use a pop filter or you can use a sock, just make sure your microphone is pointed slightly away from your mouth to avoid sound popping as much as possible.

  • Check your audio levels if using recording software

If you are using recording software like GarageBand or Audacity, take a few minutes to check your audio levels.  Ideally, you want to be between 5 and 7 decibels, or at the top of the green and yellow area, but avoiding the red zone.

When you’re silent, your audio levels should be completely flat.

  • Place from which you are recording

The location where you’re recording can make all the difference when it comes to audio quality.  You want to choose a room that doesn’t have a heavy echo or allow in a lot of background noise. If it’s not possible to avoid these things, there are steps you can take to minimize them.

  • padding or mattress or sofa.couch can help soften sound and eliminate echoes or the sound.
  • Close the curtains or add pillows around the mic will help.
  • Try sitting in a walk-in closet with clothes or under a “fort” made with two chairs and a comforter.
  • Are there any interrupters around?

The last thing you want when you’re in the middle of recording is to be interrupted.  Double check that you’ve turned off or muted your cell phone and desktop notifications, and don’t forget to ask guests to do the same.

If you have children or pets, make sure they have what they need and/or are occupied and won’t need anything from you during the time you’re recording.

Make sure you have everything you need so don’t have to hit the pause button, keep your notes nearby; a glass of water or beverage just in case your voice starts to get scratchy, etc.

Pre Record Checklist

You should run through this pre-record checklist and send a copy or share with any co-hosts or guests before pressing the record button to ensure your podcasting production quality is good every time.

Do you have any podcasting prep pointers to share?

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