Podcasting Sweet Spot

Podcasting Sweet Spots


In Episode 294 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I give tips on finding your podcasting sweet spots when it comes to scripting, recording, speaking and editing.

What are your Sweet Spots?

  • How will you stay on topic – Writing out an outline will help with the flow of the show
  • Where will you be recording – Choose a sweet spot location for recording, one that is quiet and does not contain a lot of external noise and distractions
  • Choose your microphone sweet spot for speaking – you can sit or even stand when recording, just make sure the mic isn’t too far away or too close to your mouth
  • Make sure to hydrate and urinate – you don’t want a dry mouth or have to stop mid show to take a potty break
  • Where will you be editing your shows – will you be recording at home in your walk-in closet or in a podcasting studio like Blake’s Booth?
  • What is your CTA – what do you want your audience to do after listening to the show?  This is my CTA: After listening to this episode, make sure share with it your family, friends, and remember, if you are in Atlanta during Memorial Day Weekend, make sure to grab a ticket to attend the Blk Pod Festival as I will be presenting “Podcast Promotion via Social Media

Blk Pod Festival Promo

Tickets are available are now.

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What are some of your podcasting sweet spots?

I want to know what you think, please leave a comment and share with your circle.

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