Interview with Catrina Jacobs

A Walk of Faith – 31 Day Devotional Author, Catrina Jacobs

I dare say, that in life we have all gone through some trials and tribulations and most of us have learned lessons along the way…lessons that has given us strength to go on, but have you wanted to share these lessons with others, especially to our younger generations?

If so, then this podcast episode interview of special guest Catrina Jacobs will definitely be of interest to you.

Out & About with Antionette interview with Catrina Jacobs

Catrina Jacobs, is the author of A Walk of Faith – 31 Day Devotional and Prayer Journal. She is also the founder of the Nehemiah Hope Foundation whose goal is to help families that are going through cancer or some other form of crisis.   She is on a mission to empower, inspire and motivate women and their families.  Her goal is to inspire others to rise above their circumstances by plugging into the power of faith, God and purpose.

Catrina Jacobs

Catrina tragically lost 3 children yet is using her test and pain turning it into testimony and purpose for others as God is our source and we are his resources.  The power of prayer helped to heal her mental homelessness and she uses it to help others heal.

We are all walking by faith and the power of faith can turn darkness into light and by using her own trials and tribulations she can share her story raw and authentically.  Life lessons that have strengthened her to overcome grief and leading her in her mission to rise and help others.


Catrina Jacobs Book

Catrina is a minister, speaker, encourager, advocate and mother who resides in Delaware County, PA and she can be reached by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling 267-210-9242 and her book, Walk By Faith can be purchased on Amazon.

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