Podcast interview with Madeline Porter

Putting in the Work to Manage Mental Health

I recently had an opportunity to interview Phoenix on my Out & About with Antionette podcast.

Phoenix, is an artist and an activist, who after enduring some difficult hardships with Mental Health Management, is happy to report that she’s gotten the proper medical care to recover and live a healthier lifestyle because she has been putting in the work to manage mental health. 

As part of her giveback she wants to educate the public on mental health issues, focusing on Bi-Polar Mood Disorder. Phoenix was also diagnosed with other conditions as well and in this episode she talked about a few of them including the stigma and struggles she has dealt with during her manic episodes.

Disclosure: Phoenix is not a doctor nor is she a medical professional, however, she is an activist and an artist who is looking to help others understand the mental health community.


Mental Health

This is our second podcast interview but this time Phoenix talked about the 3 types of Bipolar Mood Disorders as she has been diagnosed with Bipolar 2.  This condition had caused her to act impulsively with very little control over her actions and behavior. She stated that during those episodes, a lot can go wrong and sometimes it feels like she blacked out only to wake up the next day wondering what have she had done?

Fortunately for Phoenix, with the new medication that she has been prescribed and is currently taking, her doctor has reported that her bipolar is in remission.  This doesn’t mean that she no longer has it, but the medication that she is taking is working.  Unfortunately, not everyone has access to this medication because not everyone has healthcare insurance which is a major issue in America.


mental health matters


Phoenix has plans on conducting various workshops and educational programs in the future on mental health struggles, interactions with the medical community, and loved ones on how to better aid their patients and family, friends & partners.

She wants to talk to others and educate those who are within the mental health community, from her perspective about the various ways in which to better manage mood regulation, coping skills and options for recovery.

Phoenix has always been about the giveback and I invite you to take a listen to the entire episode to learn more about her mental health struggles and how she is navigating the world and putting in the work to manage her mental health.

Podcast interview with Madeline Porter

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