QR Code - Don't Call it a Comeback

QR Code – Don’t Call it a Comeback

Are you using a QR Code or Quick Response Code that links directly to promotional materials, websites or to your podcast so that people can scan using their Smartphone, giving them the ability to just snap and enjoy your content immediately?


Did You Know?


QR codes were invented in 1994 to track cars on the assembly line that faded in popularity but have since made a comeback.  I remember using QR Codes on Magnetic Car Signs when I was selling Avon many years ago.  Back then QR Codes seemed to be more popular than using social media icons on vehicles.  However, the COVID pandemic has helped push QR Codes back into the forefront due to the isolation and social distancing, you can scan a QR without touching anything or anybody.



QR Code

A QR code is a scannable code, usually in black and white squares or weird looking checkerboards that can be read with a Smartphone camera with free apps.  The code can contain links to a website, contest, ad, video and of course directly to your podcast directory.


QR codes can be created and placed on business cards, television commercials and programing, billboards, flyers, merchandise and even food containers.

Money is tight!


Money is tight and the cost of printing, purchasing paper and business cards can be costly so when creating a business card it is suggested that you add a QR code so that you don’t need to hand out your cards, just show one card with a QR code and ask the recipient to scan it.  Many business card and sticker designers include QR codes as an option in the design process such as CANVA, MOO and Vistaprint.

Baby Boomers and Social Seniors


You don’t have to be tech savvy to use a QR code – something that many boomers and seniors struggle with.  If someone asks about your blog or podcast, you can simply have them scan your QR code that contains your podcast directory and they can listen to your show immediately and hopefully share it with others.  


QR Codes works well for your guests; after the interview and when creating cover art for your guest to share, make sure to include a QR code that links directly to their individual episode and not to your entire directory.


scanning a QR code


How Can I Use It?

Your QR code should link to your web site that briefly describes your podcast or your social media platforms or a link to your trailer.  Use QR codes to promote your podcast on a Rack Card, sign, merchandise, billboard, social media posts and car signs especially if you travel a lot.  Use your QR code on your Cover Art or on bulletin boards at local stores and at Farmer’s Markets.


QR Code – Don’t Call it a Comeback!


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