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Have you ever been interviewed by a podcast host who made you feel comfortable, made you laugh and kept the show flowing right and tight?  Well not only was I interviewed by such a podcast host, Otis McGregor, but also by his son Cam, on The Cam & Otis Show!


I previously met Otis when he came to Delaware to speak at the TEDxWilmington event at which I not only had an opportunity to interview him, but all of the speakers who participated and you can listen to those podcast interviews here


Interview with Otis McGregor


Otis, Cam and I talked about making sure your social media is Right and Tight as well as the stigma of getting into entrepreneurship at a later age and why the word “retirement” should be retired!

It was a Bad Ass Show, hosted by 2 Bad Ass hosts, so check it out and share with a friend, then head over to their website to learn more about their Power Tribe which is a group of business leaders with similar values, passion for success, not just their own, and who want to be part of something bigger than themselves.

The benefit of being a member of the Power Tribe is that you no longer have to have that feeling of doing it alone and you have a larger resource of higher quality people who are there to help with problems or “dark times” and celebrate with you when you are winning.  Otis has been running a small test group like this for nearly 2 years and the success that the members have had has been exponential for each of them.

One member struggled to get people to show up to his free training sessions for over a year. He then brought the problem to the Tribe, and after getting ideas from the Tribe his training course exploded with sign-ups. His last course had 240 people sign up.

So if the Power Tribe sounds like something that would be of benefit to you and your business, let Otis and Cam know that the Delaware Blogger sent you!





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