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Are You a WOW Podcast Champion?

I know you have heard this question before, What is Your Why?  Well today, I am asking, “What is your WOW?”

Did you know that whatever it is, you can become a WOW Podcast Champion on EC Podcast Media?


What is a WOW Podcast?

The WOW Podcasts are 3 to 5 minutes of knowledge and wisdom. These powerful words of wisdom are provided by professionals, business owners, authors, entrepreneurs and influencers from around the world. The WOW Podcast is produced by Elite Conversations Podcast Media, which is the producer of “Out & About with Antionette” podcast.


WOW Podcast covers topics in the areas of Business, Career Development, Leadership, Education, Management, Health & Wellness, Marketing, Financial Management, Nonprofit, Writing, and Personal Development


They are motivational, informational, educational and inspirational.


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You can be a doctor, a lawyer, a preacher, teacher, coach, a Grio or self-proclaimed Guru, anyone with something to say.  Let’s think about this, and you know as a podcast host and coach I encourage people to enroll in my 5-Week Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Sessions, but I also know that hosting your own podcast show can be time consuming; creating a podcast and being consistent with your content on a weekly basis; scheduling guests, writing show notes, publishing and promotion can seem like a full time job. 

If you are a boomer and beyond, some of us may have difficulty learning the techie stuff, like normalizing, compressing and uploading an RSS Feed to multiple podcast directories, it can be overwhelming


However, we do have something to say, something to share, something to leave as our legacy, for the generations coming up behind us – we are truly WOW Champions, because people come to us, seeking words of wisdom, asking for advice, or just looking for motivation and inspiration.


What is a WOW Champion?

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WOW Champions are business professionals, educators, entrepreneurs and influencers who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and expertise with the world. 


As a WOW Champion, you will have the opportunity to produce a 3 to 5 minutes podcast  to educate, inspire and motivate others. 


The Benefits of Being a WOW Champion

  • Champions can select a unique topic that you want to share.
  • Champions can choose a topic from our inhouse directory if you desire.
  • Champions can choose to record your independently or record with a producer.
  • Each WOW Podcast is shared with the EC National Community on Spotify, iHeart Radio, Sound Cloud, Apple Podcast and other national platforms.
  • Each WOW Podcast comes with a promotional graphic.
  • Champions will receive a MP3 copy to share with their community.
  • Champions have the opportunity to have their WOW Podcast graphic designed with their company or personal branding. 

So if you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur or even a side-hustler who wants to get their message out, broaden your brand and expand your exposure with doing more than sharing tips, hacks and quotes on social media, then you need to sign up to become a WOW Champion with EC Podcast Media.

And let me tell you something else…podcasting is powerful and exciting and all the major platforms including TikTok are getting in on the action, so having short form shows are perfect for this platform and fits well into everyone’s schedules because most have the attention span that less of a Goldfish and it’s getting shorter everyday, so check out Elite Conversations WOW Podcast Program and I hope to hear your WOW Podcast episodes soon!


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