Out & About Interview with Michelle Boulden Hammond

Seize A Moment To Follow Your Dreams

You are never to old to seize a moment to follow your dreams is what Michelle and I talked about on this episode of Out & About with Antionette.

Michelle Boulden Hammond is also a fellow podcaster on EC Podcast Media as the host of Upfront Mind Body and Soul the Trilogy of Wellness.  She is also a bestselling author of self-help books nationally and internationally. Michelle is a Life Coach who desires to inspire others to find their purpose as well as an entrepreneur, wife, mother.

Michelle recently released “Seize A Moment” which was actually a poem that she wrote in 2017 and recorded the song in 2021 after her 50th birthday during the pandemic. Singing for many years and writing was a part of her life but releasing a song was on her bucket list. The accompanying feel-good video is awesome and you need to check it out!

Each week on her podcast, Upfront Mind Body Soul the Trilogy of Wellness you will hear knowledge discussions and thoughts on intuition, self-love, mindset growth, and living with purpose. This podcast is designed to show you that you are not alone in your struggles, which I think is such a powerful and important message to share in the whole perspective wellness. So, join Michelle, at Upfront Mind Body and Soul The trilogy of Wellness Facebook Live and YouTube on Wednesdays 7 PM EST.

Michelle was also the Creator of Media/Publishers Specialist Power Brunch of which I was the Keynote Speaker which was definitely an honor!

Memorable Quotes

“You are never too old to follow after your dreams” – American Idol

“Youth is wasted on the Young”

“Success Comes After Service”

Our Gift from God is Life – What We Do with That Life is Our Gift To Him”

To connect with Michelle, send her an email [email protected] and find and follow her on her social platforms @podcastmbs -Facebook / @upfrontmindbody – Instagram

Listen to this episode and then seize a moment to follow your dreams!

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