Creative Ways to Connect with Your Audience

Creative Ways to Connect with Your Audience

In this episode of the Delaware Blogger Podcast, I am sharing a few creative ways in which to connect with your audience whether it’s with a blog post or podcast episode.

Creative Ways to Connect with Your Audience

  • Know Your Audience – make sure that you are providing content that is relevant to your audience because it’s not about your ego, it’s about your audience.
  • Post on various platforms – you don’t have to be on all the social media platforms nor do you want to, but make sure that you are sharing on the platforms that your audience hangs out on and be consistent.  Use automation and syndication programs to re-post as it should never “one and done”.
  • Know The Platform – make sure you are using the correct sizes, fonts and style for each platform when posting because they are different: LinkedIn is different than Twitter so post accordingly.
  • Check Your Analytics – you want to get the most engagement on your posts and not “just spit in the wind“.  Check your analytics to ensure you are posting at the times when  your audience is active and engaging.
  • Re-Share and Re-Purpose Content – use the content in various ways, as quotes, graphics, memes, articles, blog posts, etc.  You can break up a video or a podcast into multiple posts to get more traction.

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6 thoughts on “Creative Ways to Connect with Your Audience

    1. Yes, social definitely changes which keeps us on our toes. Hang with your audience and not on every platform just because – unless it’s your job or business like mine!

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