Setting Goals Not Making Resolutions ~ My Top 5


Happy New Year – Happy 2018!


Today Begins a New Year and A Chance to Set New Goals – What Are Yours?


I have decided to list my 5 top goals for the first quarter of 2018, which is much better than setting resolutions for the entire year. 



Eat Cleaner – less meat and more fruits and veggies



Get more uninterrupted sleep – Head to bed at a decent hour





Read more hardbound books and less online news





Reach out and talk live with family and friends more, less texting and online messaging





Listen to more music and motivational Podcasts and watch less local news and television



Okay, what are you five goals for the first quarter of 2018?


11 thoughts on “Setting Goals Not Making Resolutions ~ My Top 5

      1. 1. Improve my health (More mobility)
        2. Complete my publishing schedule (4 books for the year)
        3. Less time online, more time in hobbies (sewing/yarn projects)
        4. Handwrite more letters and cards to family and friends (tired of email)
        5. Volunteer more


  1. This year again, I have set some goals and hopefully they are simple, really simple.

    I just want my life simple and easy.

    I ask nothing from this year, really nothing. What I have I will admire those and the one I don’t have I will see them as they are never meant for me.

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