Snowy Saturday Was Fun Now Bring On The Spring Sun!

Snowy is Fun…now bring on the Sun!

Okay, that was fun, now bring on the Spring sun!
Friday’s flakes weren’t too bad but Saturday’s snow was just the beginning of what is going to be a long and cold winter.
What to wear in the winter
I had been putting off getting new tires but today’s snowstorm proved that I can wait no longer, therefore, bright and early Monday morning I will be at Tire King in Middletown.
This is what I wore to work on casual Friday.  The pants were purchased from Walmart and the sweater was thrifted from Goodwill, the scarf was a purchase from the “Bag Lady” at a home show several years ago.
fashion after fifty
The “combat boots” were purchased from Rainbow Shop which is one of my favorite stores because they carry inexpensive yet trendy shoes and clothing.
Today, I conducted a Blogging Basics Workshop – Part 3 (Social Media and a Blog) at the Bear Library.  With heavy flakes falling, I called the library before leaving home to ensure that they would be open.  Although I didn’t think anyone would be in attendance, there were seven who braved the winter winds and snowstorm to be there.
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attendees at Blogging Basics Workshop
The snow had continued throughout the morning and early afternoon and by the time I had arrived home there were more than 2 inches on the ground.
Fortunately, the snow was light and it wasn’t too extremely cold, hubby and I were able to clear the driveway and sidewalk in less than an hour.
hubby using the snow blower
snow on the back deck
snow in Summit Farms 2017
Okay, so that was fun, now bring on the Spring sun!
Snow was fun now bring on the Spring Sun!
 Let’s Chat: what’s the weather like in your neck of the woods (Al Roker voice)?
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