Social Media & Homelessness and How We Can Help


Did you know that famous celebrities such at Tyler Perry, Halle Berry, David Letterman, Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Lopez were once homeless

How many of you remember the story of a homeless man whose offer of assistance to a stranded motorist, using his last $20 to buy gas, netted him over 400K from a GoFundMe page that she started?  Or how about Ted “Golden Voice” Williams a former radio host who went from homeless to Hollywood after a Dispatch Reporter heard him sing at a busy street intersection?

There are many more stories of homeless men, women, and children who are being helped by unsung heroes, and on this Podcast, I will be speaking with Dr. DeBorah Gilbert White, Founder of HerStory Ensemble, Community Empowerment Institute on ways she is working to educate the public, challenging myths and stereotypes about homelessness and how you too can help in this fight.




“Housing Not Handcuffs”

Dr. Deborah Gilbert White knows all too well about why we need to change our mindset about those who are experiencing homelessness and she talked more about it here on the Podcast as well as what ordinary citizens such as you and I can do to spread the word.



Learn more about the Homeless Bills of Rights and how you can get involved using social media to help our most vulnerable citizens and make this world a better place. 

If you missed the Podcast, click here to hear the rebroadcast.


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