Your Social Media Brand is Your Bond – Take It Personally!


These days when signing onto Facebook, it’s not hard to find your timeline filled with friends or friends of friends ranting about something and asking you “to make it go viral”.  Whether it politics, religion or sports, there is always something and oftentimes it is very difficult to get away from the negativity. 

Yes, Facebook has been changing the algorithms to make it fun again, however, I often find myself reminding clients that “Your Social Media Brand is Your Bond and You Need to Take It Personally”.  


Long gone are the days when you could separate your personal page from your business page because eventually the two will meet.  You really don’t want something negative or hateful that you posted on your personal page to collide with your business page which may lead to the lost of current or future clients or other business associates. 




I know…we are all entitled to our own opinion on a myriad of topics and there are some that can get our blood boiling.  But think about it for a moment; as a consumer would you want to do business with someone who shouted or cursed you simply because of a difference in opinion? 

I know that I wouldn’t!

I doubt that Facebook will ever be “fun again”, but remember, your social media brand is your bond, it’s what people think of you regardless of whether or not they personally know you.  How do you want people to view you, what impression do you want to leave? 

Think before your Tweet, Stop Before You Snap and Pause Before You Post.




Believe it or not, I don’t check in on social media the first thing each day, why because I need to first arm myself with prayer and meditation!  Yep, I put on spiritual armor and ask God to guide my tongue and soften my heart so I can forgive those who may try to distract me from my goals. 




“Your Social Media Brand is Your Bond – Take it Personally” and don’t give away your power feeding into the negativity of others. I am wishing you all a wonderfully blessed week!

Let’s Chat: Have you stopped following or have unfriended someone because of what they have posted on social media?

5 thoughts on “Your Social Media Brand is Your Bond – Take It Personally!

  1. Great blog & great reminder about social media posting. It’s sometimes challenging to separate co-workers, friends & family from their social media posts. You see them one way & read later what they are really thinking. I’ve often taken the unfriend or unfollow approach, but have since chosen the “just keep it moving” approach. We are in age of knowing the inns and outs about people whether we want to or not. ☺

  2. Great reminders in this post. I really don’t care to be on Facebook anymore and have unfriended many when Obama was President. Too many rude remarks about his family for me. I just refuse to be friends online or otherwise with people who are so far to the Alt Right that become clouded with hate.

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