Podcast Guest, Dr. Stephen Jones

Study Tips for Students For Success From High School to College

We concluded the Success For Students Podcast series with Dr. Stephen Jones, and the topic was 

Study Tips for Students for Success from High School to College.


Podcast Guest, Dr. Stephen Jones


Learning how to study at the college level is a major transition for most college freshmen because of the freedom and less structure of mom and dad telling them when to study, eat, sleep etc.  So it’s important for students to get prepared while still at home in high school because it will make the transition smoother.

In regards to the actual courses, the biggest difference between high school and college is the level of thought required. On average, high school studies focus more on memorizing facts, whereas college studies require more analytical thinking.



College learning is more about understanding a concept and discovering how to apply that concept in different situations. Students will want to carry over their good study habits from high school, such as taking notes and reading the textbook material, but as they begin to actually attend college classes, they may want to think about the big picture as to what the professors are trying to relay. Think about how you would apply the concepts in which you are learning to various situations outside of the classroom.

In high school, your learning schedule is highly structured, and teachers are in charge of making sure you stay on task. Your high school teachers remind you of upcoming tests, conduct review sessions to prepare you for the tests, and prompt you to turn in homework assignments.   Remember the episode of The Cosby Show and A Different World when Denise complained to her parents that in college professors just tell you what to do and you are expected to do it as opposed to the “hand – holding” teachers in high school.


In college, you will not have this type of hands-on instruction. College professors will give you syllabi at the beginning of each semester, and you will be in charge of making sure you stay on task.

Advancing from a high school senior to a college freshman is exciting, yet can still be challenging. A little preparation will go a long way in making sure you have a successful switch to college life. You’ve heard the old adage, “work smarter, not harder.” It may seem cliché, but applying this concept to your studies will make you a more productive student. Studying too hard and cramming the night before a test actually defeats the purpose. While making good grades is important, the main goal of your studying should be to learn and retain information.



To do this, you must develop effective study skills and learning strategies.  Click this link to listen to the entire Podcast and my interview with Dr. Stephen Jones.

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