The Clashing Values of Different Generations

In this episode of Out & About with Antionette, my special guest is Michelle Teague, who with over 15 years of experience as a speaker, trainer, and coach, Michelle Teague from A Teague Of Your Own, has conducted training and spoken internationally and from one coast to the other in the USA. 

She has given thousands of presentations on topics such as “You Can Have It All,” “Communicating With Difficult People,” and “Breaking Through Boundaries.”  Her accomplishments include speaking or presenting at various conferences and developing a leadership training program for new supervisors and managers.


Podcast interview with Michelle Teague

Michelle’s volunteer work includes the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, the YWCA, the Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Speakers’ Association, and the Scottdale Business and Professional Women’s Club.  The mother of two adult children, Michelle lives in Mount Pleasant, PA with her husband, Jim, and their dog Molly.

During our interview we talked about how leaders are not often trained to be good leaders, and why team building is important for everyone.  In order to be a successful leader, one must have strong communications skills with the same goal in mind.


There were two rules of thought when it came to leadership, however, a major culture shift due to the Great Resignation has changed the mindset of boomers especially since multiple generations are working in the same industries.  We are no longer content with working 40+ years then retiring with a Gold Watch and a pension.  The younger generations truly understand their value and their worth and are not afraid to speak up.

Take a listen to this entire episode as we also talked about the importance of work life harmony!

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