7 Self Care Tips for Spring

7 Self-Care Tips for Spring

We may be losing an hour of sleep on Sunday, but that extra hour of sunshine will make us all  feel so much better. 

Spring Forward

Turning the clock forward an hour before going to bed on Saturday may make you feel a little groggy on Sunday morning and perhaps you might be late for church, but I hope these 7 self care tips for spring will ease the sluggish feeling and help you with your Spring self care days.



Remember that self-care can be anything that makes you feel good and it is not selfish to indulge! There are many ways to self-care your mind, body and soul and your well-being should be your number 1 priority. Unfortunately, for many, we may not always take time for self-care when life gets busy but if you don’t you’ll get stressed out; snap at your family and friends, or even do irreversitble damage to your body.

7 self-care tips that you can easily add to your daily life


Talk to a loved one on the phone

Make it a habit to a least once per week, use your smartphone to have a conversation with a loved one, especially if it’s someone that you don’t often see in person or who is elderly.  This helps to relax your mind and keeps you calm and is much more meaningful than a text message.  You can actually shedule it on your calendar to make it a reocurring appointment

talking on the pjone

Exercise for 15-minutes

This is one of the easist to do, yet, so many of us forget that exercising for at least 15-minutes a day can do wonders for our mind, body and soul.  Working from home helps save time and now money especially with the price of gas, but we need to get up and move.  Most people think of yoga as a calming self-care workout, but something like walking outdoors or riding a stationary bike is a wonderful way to calm yourself. 

Exercise relieves stress and is also a wonderful way to keep your body functioning properly.  Check out my podcast interview with J.R. McNair as we talked about how adding just 15-minutes per day can keep a business owner successful.  Take advantage of that extra hour of daylight and head outside after dinner for a brisk walk around the neighborhood.

walking in the neighborhood 



Work With Your Hands

You might be surprised just how relaxing working with your hands can be; writing, crafting, sewing, cooking, baking or gardening can help you to relax. There is something about working with your hands that makes a calming mind.  Working outdoors is a great way to relax your mind, so this Spring, grab your gloves, get outside and do some digging in the dirt.

planting in the garden


Wake Up Early

Okay, I am going to admit it, I am a night owl so getting up early is not for me.  But if you get up early,  enjoy the quiet peace and let yourself indulge in a little self-care activity. It might be reading scriptures, writing in your gratitude journal, listening to the birds or even taking an early morning stroll.  Create a relaxing self-care morning routine, your mind and body will thank you.


coffee and journal


Eat Your Fruit and Veggies

When you fill your body with fresh foods – fruits and veggies you will be fueling your body with the good stuff – healthy snacks over processed foods will make you feel great and keep you healthy too!  Keeping your body fueled with fruits and veggies will keep your mind and body at it’s peak so head to the Farmer’s Market this weekend to stock up!

fresh fruits and veggies

 Laugh Out Loud

After indulging in some fresh veggies, become one – just veg out.  Being active constantly is NOT healthy – did you hear me – being active constantly is NOT healthy.  Sit back, relax, watch mindless television shows or sitcoms, I personally love “Abbot Elementary” and “Grand Crew” – hey, check out Tubi for some great old sitcoms.  I can sit and watch “Malcolm and Eddie” and laugh out loud for hours! 


laugh out loud

Do you have some self-care tips to share?


I want to know what you think, please leave a comment and share with your circle.

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