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The New Flavor of Career Planning and Preparation

On this episode of “Out & About with Antionette”, I had the privilege of interviewing Francina Harrison, MSW, and the visionary behind The Career Engineer® (TCE). She is also the Author of the book “A MIND TO WORK” 2nd Edition (available on Amazon). 

The Career Engineer (retired Navy Spouse) has over 14 years of serving and managing transitional career, business, and life programs.  Francina, also holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and an undergraduate “Summa Cum Laude” status from Norfolk State University. She has been seen on NBC, ABC and Fox Affiliates and written up in several publications which makes it more exciting to have had her as a guest on my podcast.

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During our interview Francina and I talked about how the pandemic has really shifted the way people think about employment and her motto “Don’t Get Anxious – Get Prepared” – the way to beat chaos is preparation is definitely apropos for today’s world.

Shivit” is a term that she created which is a combination of Shift and Pivot during the pandemic and we discussed how the workplace has been redefined to “remote” and “hybrid”. Those looking to be prepared for their next phase should “be forever learning”, “tech-up” and “be high touch” and this is for everyone as doesn’t matter your age or education.


“The only thing that is permanent is change” we need to be uber prepared as another change is going to come!

One of the questions I asked was, “why are there so many “help wanted” signs in the windows?” Francina recommends checking the websites: bls.gov and dol.gov for the latest information on employment stats as there are currently over 10.9 million job openings and it doesn’t matter where you work or where you are in your employment cycle, you have to be prepared.

This was a very enlightening interview because different generations have different views on life however, we are now working inter-generational, so take a listen to learn more about what you need to do if you are looking to shivit your career. Make sure to sign up for Francina’s newsletter by heading over to her website https://TCEnow.com and you can connect with her on LinkedIn to stay social.

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