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The Power of Your Identity – Author Interview of Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia

Congratulations to Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia, on the release of her 2nd book, “The Power of Your Identity: A Cultural Landscape for Children” which became an Amazon Bestseller in just a few short hours after being released!
I had an opportunity to interview her so check out today’s post The Power of Your Identity – Author Interview of Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia
The Power of Your Identity



Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia is an award-winning thought leader with more than 20 years of success as a registered nurse (RN), professor, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) advocate. 

A prolific author and speaker who made her way across the globe from Cameroon to the United States, Dr. Gwanmesia engages audiences in the classroom, workplace, and around the world in conversations about diversity, cultural differences, and how to use them to improve organizational performance. She possesses master’s degrees in Nursing and Healthcare Administration, a Ph.D. in Nursing, a professional coaching certification, and several DE&I-related certificates. 

She worked as an RN in various medical centers, taught nursing for 13 years at Delaware State University, and graduated 200+ Certified Nursing Assistants from Always Health Care Services, a trade school she established. 

In 2017, Dr. Gwanmesia founded Eunity Solutions to help organizations maximize human capital through cultural awareness and the appreciation of differences. She founded and leads the Caregiver Support Foundation, serves on various committees with the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce and Delaware African Caribbean Affairs Commission, and is highly active in her community.

Her business Eunity Solutions, purpose is to help organizations maximize human capital through a cultural awareness and the appreciation of differences, Dr. G. founded and leads the caregiver support Foundation and serves on various committees with the Delaware Black Chamber of Commerce and Delaware African Caribbean Affairs commission. 

Dr. Gwanmesia has had quite an interesting journey around the world, earlier in her life she went around the world through Canada to the United States and landed in the first state of Delaware.

Dr. Eunice Gwanmesia


After arriving in Delaware, one day she was having a conversation with a stranger who advised her not to apply for a job. Simply because she had a heavy accent, because she was a woman and because she was an immigrant.  At that moment, she felt very sad, disappointed and disgusted.  Speechless, as she could not find words to express herself.  At that moment all she could think of was, “is my skin color a predeterminate to a job opportunity, is it my accent, what is going to determine my value as a human being?”

Dr. G. was confused, as she was never taught that when you’re different, when you look different, when you sound different, that you’re less of a human. 

We all may have different skin colors but we are  all of the human race, and we all have our differences but these differences are man-made but we must choose to embrace those differences so that together we can grow personally and professionally. 

So she wrote this book, THE POWER OF YOUR IDENTITY: A Cultural Landscape for Children because of those lessons that she learned in life, all the adversities that she went through.  She realized that her children were experiencing some of the same things that she experienced back in the 90s, when first arriving in the United States. 


The Power of Your Identity


It dawned on her that in order to leave a legacy for our kids that we have to start these conversations around the kitchen table early because our kids those as young as Middle School age, start to retain the information that we tell them, they start to mimic those actions and behaviors which is why this book is not only for her children, but for all our children, so that we can prepare them to gain self-confidence and a positive self-image. 

The book was also written for teachers so that they too realize that the kids coming into their classrooms come from different environments and I want them to learn how to create a safe and non-judgmental classroom to meet the needs of all the kids. 

Dr. Gwanmesia held a Facebook Live Virtual Book Launch on 2/8 and you can order the book now at https://amzn.to/3IREni4 (Affiliate Link)





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