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Top 10 Podcasting Questions of the Weekend – 7/13/2020

Hello my friends, I trust you all had a wonderful weekend!

Today’s episode of “Top 10 Podcasting Questions of the Weekend” are answers to various questions that I read in several Facebook Groups and Forums.

I actually posted a question of my own in one of the groups, but it was removed because it was considered spam…oh well – missed opportunity there!

Anywho, here is today’s YouTube video with the answers to the following podcasting questions:

  1. What is the first thing you do after dropping a new episode?
  2. Multiple podcasts or just one podcast per topic?
  3. Podcast block is like writer’s block do you get it?
  4. Can you add ads to your own anchor FM Podcast?
  5. Do you use a mic to record?
  6. Would do you want to learn more about podcasting?
  7. What are some podcasting trends?
  8. Should I do a solo or multiple hosts podcast?
  9. How long is a podcast season?
  10. Are there any FREE Podcasting Webinars?

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Podcasting Questions of the Weekend – 7/13/2020

    1. Yes, a lot of the questions are repeated weekly, but there are enough unique ones to keep this series going for awhile. Thank you for stopping by to watch and read.

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