5 Key Visual Elements for Branding a Blog Avi

You may already know that building a blog brand can be intimidating and confusing. So on today’s episode of Blog Your Way to a Business Profit Podcast, I am giving you 5 Key Visual Elements for Branding a Blog that will help you with your blog’s brand.

Branding can go a long way in helping you build your blog brand. The term “branding” refers to those activities that you undertake to influence how people perceive you as a blog or business. Branding for a business, for example, might involve creating a logo, establishing a color palette, taglines and naming products in a consistent way, engaging consistently with customers on social media, etc.

Branding involves a wide range of activities, but a great many elements of branding are primarily visual. Things like your logo, font types, photography, and graphic design are visual in nature, and they go a long way in leaving a brand impression in readers’ minds. And the great thing about these visual elements of branding?

5 Key Visual Elements for Branding a Blog

So whether you are creating a branding strategy for a new blog or want to strengthen the brand of your current blog, here are 5 key visual elements for branding a blog.

1. Photography

Photography is perhaps the most important visual element of a blog. Therefore, it’s important as a blogger to develop a routine in creating high quality photos that speak to your style. Try to create consistency in your photography, lending all of your photos a particular style that will ultimately remind people of your blog.

2. Color Palette

Here is one that is relatively easy to decide on and stick to. A color palette can go a long way in setting the tone for your blog, so try to decide on a few key colors from the start that you will use regularly for your blog.

3. Font Types

 The fonts and font types and sizes you use can leave an impression with readers as well. Decide on one or two fonts that you plan to use in all of your blog work, and stick to using those fonts for consistency’s sake. You might, for example, make Georgia your font of choice for all body text on your blog and then use Futura in your blog post titles and infographics.

5 Key Visual Elements for Branding a Blog

4. Graphic Design

If you ever design visual elements like infographics or Pinterest-friendly graphics for your blog, then you definitely need to consider your approach to graphic design as well. Try to make your approach to graphic design consistent enough that when a reader sees something of yours on social media, they’ll recognize where it came from instantly.

5. Logo

Your logo should complement all of the above visual elements of your brand. You should aim to create a logo that speaks to who you are as a blogger and one that instantly tells readers a little bit about who you are.

How are you branding your blog or website?

5 Key Visual Elements for Branding a Blog

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  1. On my blog, I make my own logos and vibrant colors are featured. Sometimes it does look messy and I try to clean it up. Thanks for the tips . . . .

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