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Toys & Games of the 60s

Etch a Sketch



Hoola Hoops



toys of the 60's

GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grip

Barbie and Ken Dolls

Troll Dolls


Easy Bake Oven


Chinese Jump Rope


Wow, remember when these toys and games kept our attention for hours on end?  We learned how to cook with a light bulb; steady our grips pretending to operate on a strange little man; kept in shape jumping rope and hula hooping and played house all day long with Ken and Barbie.

Long gone are the days when investing fake money and being sent to jail was a fun way to live but are they – let’s check in on Bernie Madoff!


Watching a Slinky descend the stairs and pressing Silly Putty against cartoon comics newsprint to stretch their images or playing Rock em Sock em Robots with fists flying, boxing until one of their heads popped up, those were the good old days!

Mr. Potato Head was cool with his black mustache and Raggedy Ann was fly in her multi-colored dress, and Twister had you in knots; butts in faces and funky feet in holey socks – wow what a great way to spend a Saturday with your family and friends!

However, there was one game that I never played and that was marbles.  It was a game of skill played mostly by boys who didn’t let us learn and only recently read about the Marble State Champion who was from Delaware in 1950 – did you know about Tilton Holt?  


If not, click here to read more about Tilton who passed away on August 18th at the age of 79.


Wilmington's Marble Champion

What was your favorite childhood toy or game?



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5 thoughts on “Toys & Games of the 60s

  1. I think an Easy-Bake Oven and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots were the only ones on that list that I never at least played with!

    My sister once came up with the idea of allowing debt in the game of Monopoly. One game could last for months.

    My personal favorite toys were stuffed animals and Breyer model horses. Oh, the adventures we came up with for those critters!

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