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Xan Hong received his Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania where he competed on the Varsity Men’s Track team for four years. He later also received his Master’s in Education from the University of Pennsylvania during which he served as a student teacher and volunteer track & field coach at a University High School in West Philadelphia. He has since served as an adjunct professor in Entrepreneurial Finance at Lincoln University.  He still regularly volunteers his time mentoring and speaking to youth from inner city schools.  


Xan has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years in a variety of industries including real estate development, food and beverage, e-commerce, insurance and financial services, marketing communications, and technology.  During this time, his companies have grossed over $10 million in revenue.  His expertise is in marketing strategy, digital marketing, and sales.  


Currently, Xan is the CEO and Founder of ONTrac, a technology company that empowers individuals to reach their potential by simplifying the process of achieving their life goals.  They are currently beta testing and will be launching a live version later this year.  He also is an investor and principal in an independent insurance agency and owns an e-commerce business.  Xan lives in Middletown, Delaware with his wife and 10-year old daughter. He was the former President of the University of Pennsylvania Alumni Society of Delaware.


Xan has been an entrepreneur for about 15 years, with some good outcomes and some not so good outcomes.  He  had a business that took about 10 years to raise the money for, but unfortunately  the business failed. Luckily, the way it was structured they didn’t lose any of the investor’s money.  However, that failure along with the death of his father caused him major depression.


Xan stated that one of the things that came about from that whole experience, is that time is your most valuable resource, no matter who you are, and so he hit the reset button on his life and approached things differently.  One thing he did when setting his major goals was to break them into smaller pieces.

How do you eat an elephant – one bite at a time!


how do you eat and elephant image


Think of it like plugging an address into your GPS.  The end result or goal is the location, but you may have to make several turns and curves or even re-route if there are obstacles like road closures or speed traps.  It may take longer that what you wanted but you have to stay focused and not give up, you are going to continue moving forward in order to reach the final destination, which is the goal.

Xan is also involved with a lot of startups and he helps to mentor others.  He helps them to understand that faster is not always better, especially if they believe what they read on social media and think they can go viral quickly.  Sometimes fast is nice and sometimes it happens but you don’t plan for that to happen. 


OnTrac Logo



ONTrac is a Marketplace where individuals are able to go virtually and search for their goals, ones that they’re trying to achieve.  Once there, they will find someone or multiple creators with action plans that will assist in achieving those goals.

There may be multiple ways in order to achieve goals and there may be multiple creators, so you may find various tracks on the same topic.  The tracks are like chapters in a book on a variety of topics related to everything from blogging, health to time management. 

ONTrac makes it easy to start and implement the goals into your everyday life. In each ONTrac topic you are given a step-by-step action plan that you can build into your everyday life.  In speaking with members in the ADHD Community they stated that ONTrac could be a fantastic tool for people diagnosed with ADHD.   

They feel that it was a way to help those who may be overwhelmed with a lot of information when learning something new and that the ONTrac framework lays everything out so that it can be followed at their pace.

There are content creators such as a Career Coach who helps others land a dream job, a content creator who educates others on how to self publish your book on Amazon, and my ONTrac subject is how to “Build a Blog”. 

Xan stated that this is the type of content that they want and the ONTrac platform is free for content creators, there is just a transaction fee, of which ONTrac receives a percentage of anything that the content creator sells on the site.

To learn more head over to the ONTrac.com website and click on the Content Creator tab to sign up and browse the content.

My Build a Blog ONTrac is available so head over and sign up if you are interested in learning how to start a blog.


Build a Blog Course


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