Wake Up and Drink Up With Water Filtrated by Rainsoft.

Most of you know that my family and I recently relocated from Middletown to Smyrna, Delaware and moved into our “Forever Home”.

I don’t use the term Forever Home loosely because with this move, after moving 3 times during our 29+ years of marriage; my next move will be to the cemetery and I’m not being morbid just realistic.

Aging in place was the number one priority for downsizing so with this move staying healthy is upmost on our minds.

Eating right and staying physically fit is important but staying hydrated is vital to ensure that we remain healthy which is why we decided to get a Rainsoft Water Filtration System installed into our home just a week after we moved in.  

I now wake up and drink up with water filtrated by RainSoft.

Fresh Water filtered by Rainsoft

We learned a lot from the RainSoft Representative who came in to talk to us about the benefits; and we were pleased with how quickly the unit was installed.  We’ve noticed benefits right away, just a few include:

Clean shower doors
  •  Water is clearer
  •  Water tastes fresher
  •  Clothes are cleaner
  •  No soap film on the shower doors
  •  We use less soaps and detergent but see greater lather.

You may remember this post when I talked about buying bottled water and being confused as to which brand to purchase.

Well I’m now saving lots of money because there is no need to buy any brand of bottled water as I am drinking fresh clean water every day.

I have infused my morning water with lemons and limes and I can’t wait to plant Mint this Spring to add to it as well.

Water infused with lemons and limes

We all know the importance of keeping our body hydrated with water and as a Type 2 Diabetic it is very vital that I drink at least a gallon per day..  Now every morning after I wake up I jumpstart my digestive system with a fresh glass of infused water.

If you’re interested in learning more about the RainSoft Filtration System let me know as there is a Referral Program and I will share your information to be contacted. 

RainSoft Filtration units installed in the basement

You will receive more information on how you too can have a RainSoft Filtration System installed in your home, something you won’t regret and I guarantee it!

Let’s Chat > Are you concerned with the quality of your water?

Fresh Water filtered by RainSoft

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